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“Humanitarian Sanctions” Are Killing Syrians, While New Sanctions Threaten to Crash the Russian Economy: They Must Be Overturned

If the cry “Never Again” is to retain any meaning, the Caesar Sanctions against Syria must be immediately lifted As the Biden administration is recklessly expanding the sanctions regime—something that has become a routine response from Anglo-American officials to any government they accuse of violating the “rules-based order”—Helga ...


First Aid: How Russia and the West Can Help Syrians in Idlib

A one-year extension to the current aid arrangements would be no one’s first choice—but would ensure civilians in Idlib continue to receive help The next international showdown on Syria is quickly coming into view. After ten years of conflict, Bashar al-Assad may have won the war, but much is left to be done to win the peace. This is nowhere more so than in the province of Idlib, which is home to nearly 3 million people who now ...


A ‘Patriotic Heretic’ Favoring Renewal of U.S.-Russian Détente

... relations ...,” 2020, p. 7. 10 . Allison and Simes, “Russia and America: stumbling to war ...,” 2015. 11 . Roth, “Thousands march ...,” 2019. 12 . Upon hearing that the U.S. Senate had ratified the expansion of NATO, Kennan reportedly remarked: ... ... conundrum ...,” 2019, p. 9. 27 . Ibid ., pp. 11-15. 28 . NATO, “Bucharest Summit Declaration,” 2008. 29 . HRW, “Russia/Syria...,” 2016. 30 . Amnesty International, “Syrian and Russian...,” 2016. 31 . Prashad, Washington Bullets , 2020, p....


Syria: In the Middle of a Long Cycle

What kind of Syria would we like to see and might we see by March 2031? On 6 March 2011, the local security services in the small town of Daraa, southern Syria, detained fifteen teenagers painting anti-government graffiti on fences and buildings. During the subsequent ...


Sanctions Against Russia: A Look into 2021

Report 65/2021 Report 65/2021 The report analyses the application of foreign sanctions against Russian citizens, companies and economy sectors. It also considers global trends in the use of sanctions and restrictive measures against Russia within individual areas (the “Ukrainian package,” sanctions against pipeline projects, “cyber sanctions,” etc.). The report is based on Sanctions Event Database compiled by the Russian International Affairs Council. It contains data for 2020 into early 2021....


New US Administration Approach to Syria: How Different Could It Be?

... airfield facilities near al-Omar oil field in Deir ez-Zor. Its runways are 2.5 km-long, which allows it to host heavy military planes (Lockheed C-130 Hercules, Lockheed C-5 Galaxy, or В-52). Once finished, the base will let the US easily send several thousands of soldiers or PMC fighters to Syria overnight, handing it an opportunity to rapidly build up its military presence and capabilities in the area. This makes Washington an indispensable participant of any settlement in Syria and forces Moscow, Ankara, Tehran and Damascus to take American ...


Syria Between Turning Over Trump’s Page and Reviving Obama's Heritage

... in a report issued in late 2015, its fact-finding mission in northern Syria revealed a wave of forced displacement and home demolitions. These amounted to war crimes carried out by the Autonomous Administration led by the Democratic Union Party, the Syrian Kurdish party which controls the area. The report reveals evidence of horrific violations, including eyewitness and satellite images, and provides details of the deliberate displacement of thousands of civilians as well as the destruction of entire villages in areas under the control of the Autonomous Administration. Some civilians said that they were threatened with airstrikes from U.S.-led coalition forces if they refrain from leaving their ...


Russia and Iran in Syria and Beyond: Challenges Ahead

... Eastern crises and to which extent the interests of Moscow and Tehran overlap or contradict each other. Some of the key issues of the political situation in the region were assessed, such as the situation in Idlib, the prospects for a political process in Syria, Israel’s role in the region’s future, the path to Syria’s reconstruction and the impact of U.S. policies on the emerging new order in the Middle East. Both Russia and the Islamic Republic of Iran regard each other as necessary components ...


The Energy Sector, Competition and Security in the Eastern Mediterranean

... off the coast of Egypt, Tamar and Leviathan off the coast of Israel, and Aphrodite off the coast of Cyprus, etc. Additionally, the so- called Block 9 is in a part of the field disputed by Lebanon. We can suppose there are large gas reserves off the Syrian coast, as well. By 2020, development had already been launched on several fields but, on the whole, both this process and its implementation are proceeding in fits and starts since matters have to be approved and agreed between unstable governments ...


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