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25 trends in contemporary international relations and world development

... ensure national security and the very survival of the state. The EWS in Ukraine shows that the use of force is induced by the refusal to fulfill obligations under signed international agreements, such as Minsk-2. That is, the international legal principle ... ... confidence-building measures established during the Cold War. For example, the US withdrew from ABM, INF treaties and Open Skies, while NATO countries buried the CFE Treaty by refusing to ratify an agreement to adapt it to the new reality that emerged after the ...


Factors Influencing the World Order's Structure

... following question remains unanswered: " Will the US sacrifice Washington for Paris (not to say Warsaw)? " If, for instance, nuclear powers formally agreed that the only reason to strike is because of a direct threat to other's territory, NATO would lose much of its rationale. Great powers, inevitably, could potentially be drawn by their junior allies into an escalation as a result. Incidentally, this also applies to bilateral relations between allies. What scale of a military clash between ...


Six months into the conflict, what exactly does Russia hope to achieve in Ukraine?

... game plan, but it laid out his basic thinking on Ukraine. Last December, Moscow passed on to Washington a package of proposals, which amounted to a list of security guarantees for Russia. These included Ukraine’s formal neutrality between Russia and NATO (“ no Ukraine in NATO ”); and no deployment of US and other NATO weapons and military bases in Ukraine, as well as a ban on military exercises on Ukrainian territory (“ no NATO in Ukraine” ). While the US agreed to discuss some military technical ...


Why Russia Believes It Cannot Lose In The Armed Conflict in Ukraine

... “out” through this war; the West has become united in its condemnation of the carnage in Ukraine; Sweden and Finland are joining NATO; and Russia will be regarded as a pariah and a serious threat for many years. Does this not indicate that the armed conflict ... ... order, for the fair and stable world order itself. Such a fight could not be won without losses. And I regret that tens of thousands of I.T. specialists have decided to leave for a better life. Though I know, as you do, that most Russian emigrants of intellect ...


An Epitaph for Anniversary

On the prospects of Russia‒NATO relations On the eve of the NATO summit in Madrid, to be held on June 28-30, Julianne Smith, U.S. Permanent Representative to the alliance, announced that Russia’s actions in Ukraine had violated the NATO‒Russia Founding Act. Building on this,...


Russia Envoy Says Biden Sanctions Backfire, Hurting U.S. Economy and Power

... warned that the sweeping sanctions campaign pursued by President Joe Biden and his allies has backfired, instead hurting the U.S.' economy and international prestige during a dangerous period of global instability. Moscow's ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov, told Newsweek that "the situation in Ukraine is critically tense" nearly four months since Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a war against the neighboring nation in the wake of failed security talks between the Kremlin ...


NATO’s Cheek by Russia’s Jowl

Which trends seen in the West reflect Finland’s and Sweden’s possible entry into NATO Much has been said and written about the likely consequences of Finland and Sweden joining NATO. A legion of analysts have already assessed the changing balance of power in the Baltic Sea, the new situation on the long Finnish-Russian land border ...


Professor Jeffrey Sachs: “I Don’t Believe in Isolating Russia”

... views uncommon for the mainstream media in the West when it comes to the real origins of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Professor Sachs argues that peace negotiations in earnest should start immediately, proceeding from Ukraine’s neutrality and no NATO enlargement. He does not believe in isolating Russia, being convinced that Washington is undermining U.S. dollar worldwide prevalence by imposing sanctions on international payment systems. Finally, the famous academician and the author of many foreign ...


NATO Not Taking Nuclear War Threat Seriously

... described as one of the most dangerous moments since the Cuban Missile Crisis six decades ago. "The current generation of NATO politicians clearly does not take the nuclear threat seriously," Antonov told Newsweek . Those who feel Russia was ... ... underestimate it." And while U.S. officials cast Russia as the aggressor in escalating nuclear tensions, Antonov called these accusations "baseless," and "part of a propaganda campaign launched against Russia in response to the steps taken ...


Europe and the Atomic Bomb

... survival of allies and their ability to provide armed support is not a prerequisite for the survival of a country with several thousand nuclear warheads. In the case of the United States, the matter is complicated by its geopolitical position, in which even ... ... continue such a line should convince the Europeans of the assurances that the United States will “fight for every inch of NATO territory” and large-scale participation in supplying weapons to the authorities in Kiev. However, this has not yet been ...


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