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Standing for Everything Evil against Everything Good: Russia’s Hostile Measures in Europe

... us and living from one IMF loan to the next so recklessly reject such a successful model of economic and public modernization? The current crisis in relations with European countries is a natural and expected response on the part of Moscow to the refusal of Europe’s ruling parties to accept Russia’s worldview and values and the reluctance to understand its motives and principal concerns. The global situation has changed radically, while this mentality has persisted. This explains the desire to punish ...


The World After the INF Treaty: Time to Let European Leaders in on the Game?

... Control Andrey Kortunov: The Domino Effect: America’s Withdrawal from the INF Treaty and Its Ramifications Few of us remember how negotiations on the Iranian nuclear programme began. In October 2003, British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs of France Dominique de Villepin and Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs of Germany Joschka Fischer approached President of Iran Mohammad Khatami in an attempt to persuade him to comply with IAEA requirements and also to provide ...


Is This the End of Nuclear Arms Control?

... Russia may be the first party to deploy intermediate-range missiles there. Yet a few points should be made in this regard. A European Response to US Withdrawal from the INF Treaty. ELN statement Russian land-based missiles are one of the country’s ... ... reinforce perceptions on both sides that the other is an unreliable partner. Yet at the same time, the absence of mutual accusations over alleged INF violations – since the treaty would no longer exist – may lead to a healthier bilateral environment,...


The United States, Russia, and Europe in 2018

... Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington. Their meeting, convened by CSIS and the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), aimed to discuss four topics central to U.S.-Russian relations: the conflict in Ukraine, the future of the European security order, the war in Syria, and the question of interference in other states’ political processes. The attendees participated not as representatives of their countries or governments but rather as experts working collaboratively to define ...


Sleepwalking Toward Nuclear War

In Paris, 100 years after the guns across Europe fell silent, leaders can begin taking important steps to ensure a new and devastating war will not happen today This weekend marks the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, one of the world’s most horrific conflicts. One of the ...


A European Response to US Withdrawal from the INF Treaty

ELN Group Statement Ahead of the meeting of President Putin and President Trump in Paris on November 11th 2018, 79 European political, diplomatic and military leadership figures are appealing to both Russia and the US not to take unilateral action that would jeopardise the future of the INF without further efforts, such a move would likely trigger an arms race and ...


INF Treaty: More than Just an Agreement

... aimed at demonstrating Russia’s readiness to offer a stern response to U.S. plans to deploy anti-missile components in Eastern Europe. This is indirectly confirmed by the fact that no more statements of the kind were issued as the relationship between the ... ... States, the first public statements indicating Washington’s intention to revise the INF Treaty were made in 2014, with accusations of breaching of the Treaty levelled against Russia. Following Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election, ...


Russia, the USA & Europe: Is Instability Immutable?

How and when can the USA, Europe and Russia move forward from impasse and start to rebuild the more rational forms of relationship which would suit the interests of all? “…the American, Soviet, and British governments did indeed try to bring the monster [nuclear weapons] ...


PIMCO Delegation Visits RIAC

On February 9, RIAC welcomed a delegation from PIMCO (Pacific Investment Management Company). PIMCO is one of the key investment funds on the global stock market. The total value of assets under the company's management is over U.S. $1,8 billion. The delegation included Francesc Balcells, executive Vice-President, portfolio manager, London; Matthieu Loriferne, executive Vice-President, credit research analyst, London; Yacov Arnapolin, senior portfolio manager in developing markets, London; Alexander...


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