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Helping Iran to Make the Right Choice

Iran in the Middle East: Regional Spoiler or Stakeholder? Iran’s critical role in shaping the security agenda of the Middle East is indisputable. No matter what we discuss — the Syrian settlement, state-building in Iraq, civil war in Yemen or political dynamics in Lebanon —, Iran remains the big elephant ... ... room. Its impact on the region is profound, multifaceted and controversial. The predominant view in the West in general and in France in particular is that Iran is more part of the problem than it is part of the solution. Of course, Iran’s friends and ...


Meeting with French Ambassador to Russia Sylvie Bermann

... touched upon in the course of the meeting: various aspects of Syrian Settlement, results of the quadripartite Russia-Turkey-France-Germany summit meeting in Istanbul, options for Syrian political transit, possible areas of cooperation between Russia and France in Syria and in the Middle East. The meeting also focused on the military-political consequences of the likely withdrawal of the United States from the INF Treaty, ways to overcome the current arms control crisis and to restore a single and indivisible European security ...


RIAC at Track II High Level Paris Meeting on Security Issues in the Middle East Region

... Paris, international political consultancy The Shaikh Group is holding a high-level Track II meeting on security issues in the Middle East region. On September 23–25, 2018, in Paris, international political consultancy The Shaikh Group is holding a ... ... the region, possible mechanisms and sequencing of solutions to Middle East issues. The discussion focuses on acute crises in Syria, Yemen, and Libya, as well as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and potential instability in other countries of the region....


RIAC Hosts a Discussion for Experts from Russia and France on Prospects for Cooperation in the Middle East

... Russia-France cooperation in the Middle East. Andrey Kortunov , RIAC Director General, and former French ambassador to Syria (2006–2009), Michel Duclos, advising Institut Montaigne, made opening speeches. The following issues were discussed: resolution of Syrian crisis and the situation in then Middle East. The sides touched upon the positions of Russia and France in post-conflict reconstruction, regional security system, and prospects for the development of the situation. Aleksanrd Kramarenko , RIAC Director of Development, Timur Makhmutov , RIAC Deputy Program Director, Ruslan Mamedov , RIAC Program ...


Meet-Up with Franck Gellet, Special Envoy of France to Syria

The issues of Syrian conflict resolution and more common issues of Middle East regional security system creation were discussed in the course of the meeting. On August 30, Special Envoy of France to Syria Franck Gellet visiting Moscow, accompanied by Lydia Tabtab, the First Secretary of the French Embassy to Russia, paid a visit to Russian International Affairs Council. The issues of Syrian conflict resolution and more common issues of Middle East ...


Paris Events Will Further Tighten the Middle East Knot

... government also cannot avoid launching a major retribution. It might include more intensive attacks on the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, and a clearer and more coordinated allied strategy will certainly replace the rather haphazard attacks. Since France is unlikely to rally enough capabilities, even with the help of major European countries, for an effective response, Europe is likely to appeal to the United States, which has so far preferred to distance itself from the Middle East developments. Or, more precisely, minimized its involvement or limited it to anti-ISIS rhetoric. It is now time the ...


The Third Crusade

... Security Council. The only exception is Great Britain’s reconnaissance flights over Syria . Successful cooperation of the Air Forces of so many countries is a good example... ... “the rear” by staging high-profile terrorist attacks in Great Britain, France and Canada and even in Australia, which until recently seemed far removed from... ... responded by launching air strikes on ISIS positions in Libya). So this latest war in the Middle East looks set to continue for a long time. The air campaign is likely to expand...


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