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The Caesar Act: A New Challenge for Syria?

... restrictive measures not only create difficulties, but also form prerequisites for mobilizing Syria’s internal resources and expanding Russia’s economic presence On June 17... ... Initially, Syrian experts thought that the country’s marginalization in the global economy would make it less vulnerable to the pandemic. The authorities established a... ... the Syrian reconstruction effort. The German expert Muriel Asseburg notes that the European Union’s consolidated standing is eroded by differences between the United...


Can Russia Plug Through US Sanctions to Reconstruct Syria?

... Europeans to join its rebuilding efforts As the United States eyes new sanctions on Syria, Russia increasingly finds it needs to work out solutions that would nonetheless... ... under Assad Jr. Syria embarked on the capitalist path, the progress toward the reformed economy was uneven. Many things were also backsliding under the influence from outside... ... Syrian reconstruction mainly in terms of rebuilding the damaged physical infrastructure, European Union states link the reconstruction efforts to political transition. Meanwhile...


Squaring the Circle: Russian and European Views on Syrian Reconstruction

... divergent and convergent positions of Russia and the EU regarding the reconstruction of Syria. The aim of the publication is to identify areas of common ground between the... ... post-war reconstruction. We realized, of course, that Russia and Western countries (the European Union, EU member states, and the United States) are taking quite divergent... ... discussion about the impact of international sanctions on various sectors of the Syrian economy, the political dynamics in Damascus, and what the notion of “smart sanctions”...


Russia has to reinvent its economic model

... Western governments was the definition of ‘terrorist organizations’ in Syria. The West insisted that most of opposition groups fighting against Damascus constituted... ... anti-terrorist coalition like the one that they had during the Second World War. 3) The European Union (EU) has enforced economic sanctions against Russia because of the conflict... ... countries and Russia? A.K.: The sanctions did have a serious negative impact on the Russian economy. However, they failed to change the Russian position in Ukraine or to erode...


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    U.S. wants to establish partnership relations with Russia on condition that it meets the U.S. requirements  
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