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Is ISRO’s Chandrayan Mission a Success?

NASA has lauded Chandrayaan-2, saying India's moon mission has "inspired" the US space agency which is keen to jointly explore the solar system with ISRO, a day after the lunar expedition suffered a snag while attempting a historic landing on the uncharted South Pole of the Moon.  The Indian Space Research Organisation's (ISRO) plan ...


Prospects of Military Space Industry

The second space race was a political imitation rather than an actual space exploration competition Cosmonautics Day provides a good opportunity to pause and reflect on the prospects of astronautics not just from the Russian perspective but in terms of humanity ...


Space Platform for BRICS Cooperation

In Search of Common Space Not so long ago BRICS countries proclaimed the idea of creating an informal block that would serve as an alternative to already existing institutions of the global governance system. And it did not take long before “the bricks” started to ...


Indian Space Doctrine

On 15 February 2017, Indian space agency created history; launched 104 satellites in one go. This historical moment in space history tells the beginning of a real space race in Asia and which eventually surpass the Cold War space race. However, this also germinates an important ...


The Moon Was Shining, The Stars Were Bright…

Acquisition of Space Systems, Volume 7. Past Problems and Future Challenges . More than a review The past five years has been a period of stagnation in space policy research. The small number of papers that have been produced centre primarily on the intellectual potential ...


Diplomacy in space

From the Cold War to the International Space Station The construction and operation of the International Space Station has helped pioneer a new era of human exploration and cooperation between these nations. The ISS, as an effective foreign policy tool, has fostered peaceful relations between ...


Public and Private Space: Russian Competitive Opportunities

Commercial Space Revolution In the last ten years we have witnessed a genuine revolution in private astronautics. The revolution began in the United States, but now is shaping different approaches around the world to the use and development of space, including ...


Western Sanctions Against Russia: Means and Consequences

... the document expressed readiness “to intensify actions, including coordinated sectoral sanctions, that will have an increasingly significant impact on the Russian economy” [8] . In early April, formal American sanctions were extended to space cooperation. NASA Associate Administrator Michael O’Brien wrote in a memo that the US government had determined that all NASA contacts with Russian government representatives were suspended, including NASA travel to Russia and visits by Russian ...


Science, education and high-tech as points of common interest for Russia and the Republic of Korea

... science and technology is a key aspect of the overall relationship between the two nations. Both nations have placed a strong emphasis on this area of cooperation in light of the possibilities to synergize Russian fundamental research in the aviation and space technology, nuclear energy, etc. sectors with Korean technologies in robototechnics, electronics, car manufacturing. Science and technology as part of economic development (Republic of Korea) ROK’s economic strategy views science-intensive ...


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