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South Africa’s Position on Ukrainian Crisis

The South African President is one of the few leaders who made accusations against NATO and did not succumb to the enormous collective pressure of the Western nations Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine has put to test the traditionally friendly ...


What Could Take BRICS Forward?

... synchronize views. In the last few years, nearly a decade into its establishment and operation, BRICS is facing a crisis. On the one hand, the crisis has a specific set of causes, which include an economic downturn in three of its countries (Russia, Brazil, South Africa) as well as the worsening contradictions between China and India or between China and Brazil. The accumulated dissatisfaction with the actual results of the grouping’s ten years of operation has also contributed to these trends, since many ...


An individual versus countries

Comment by Tatyana Jolivet: This article was prepared by our intern Natasha Mnishi for the Centre of the public diplomacy. She is a student from South Africa, studying international relations at RUDN. Indeed, there are many African students in Russia and there is nothing surprising in that. However, one particular aspect of her decision to study in Moscow makes the whole difference. She is the ...


Russia’s Policy in a Dynamic Africa: Searching for a Strategy

... case of China; and East African countries in the case of India. It would seem that the Russian leadership is being cautious in this respect and is looking into the possibility of forming two test groups: large African countries (Egypt, Nigeria, and South Africa) and a group of unstable Sahel states (the Central African Republic and Sudan). Time will tell whether this approach can help Russia come up with an African strategy [ 13 ]. In the end, diversifying its foreign political and trade contacts ...


R6 — the Case for a New Global Currency Basket

... are closer than they appear.” In other words, China may also be a subject to sanctions at one point partially or fully. Tristan Kenderdine: US–Iran Conflict Would Strengthen China’s Position in the Middle East China, Russia, India, Brazil, and South Africa are the founding members of the New Development Bank . NDB’s 2017–2021 general strategy clearly highlights the bank’s commitment and intention to be new in three areas: 1) new relationships; 2) new projects and instruments; 3) new ...


BRICS Summit: A Blessing in Disguise

... the political processes taking place in the country. The general outline of the summit was quite standard. The key issues were inclusive and sustainable development, “the fourth industrial revolution,” and Africa’s special role in the context of South Africa’s claim to leadership on the continent. On the other hand, each party received some working mechanisms and initiatives that they surely found interesting. We are talking here about peacekeeping in Africa and around the world; a research ...


Space Platform for BRICS Cooperation

... cooperative or independent path — anyway, it is able to contribute internationally while pursuing an explicit political goal of “the great revival of the Chinese nation”. SANSA Hartebeesthoek station South Africa The period of 1963-1993 laid the basis for initiating the state’s own space program. [ 12 ] Since 1980 the South African Government has worked on the space launcher and eventually managed to build test range infrastructure which let conduct ...


BRICS: Will the Future be Brighter?

... heads of state from Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) was held on the initiative of Russia in 2009 in Yekaterinburg. The format was considered successful, and summit meetings became annual. In 2011, the most economically developed state of Africa, South Africa, became an official member of the association at the summit in Sanya (PRC) with the aim of strengthening South-South cooperation, thus giving a finalized look to the informal dialogue of the five developing countries under the name «BRICS»....


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