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Determining Factors of Election Protests in the Post-Soviet Space

There seem to be two key factors—whether the main contender was previously part of power structures and how loyal security forces are to the incumbent’s administration In the second half of 2020, within a time span of two months, post-election protests occurred in two former Soviet countries. In Kyrgyzstan, the protests after the October parliamentary elections ...


Israel’s Security System: Little Strategic Depth but Profound Strategic Vision

Israel’s Defence Industry and Military-Technical Cooperation The Israeli army is among the best-equipped and most combat-ready in the world, and the quality of its equipment is constantly being improved [ 2 ]. The country’s defence industry has been expanding since the early 1970s, so that now Israel can manufacture domestic examples of state-of-the-art systems, from tanks and fighter jet modifications to precision smart weapons (microelectronics, anti-ship and air-to-air missiles, etc.). Israel...


Evolution of the Syrian Military: Main Trends and Challenges

Today Syrian armed forces lack discipline, centralization, technical and organizational modernization, prestige, and authority and could hardly be called a real army Army is considered to be one of the most important state institutions which in many ways defines country’s political and socio-economic stability as well as rigidity of the entire state system and its ability to survive. This is especially true in the Middle East where the role of the military (see the research of V. Kudelev, M. Sapronova)...


Assad’s Army and Intelligence Services: Feudalization or Structurization?

... exclusively on external intelligence activities, while the second could be engaged in counterintelligence and anti-terror activities. In other words, Syrian intelligence services would be brought up to global standards. It is also imperative to create border security forces to control Syria’s eastern frontiers first and foremost, but also the entire border, as a kind of unified system with its own social and infrastructural characteristics. While Hafez al-Assad paid special attention to the country’s ...


Major Challenges for the Military and Security Services in Syria

Syria’s military and security forces play a key institutional role, which has kept the country from total collapse during the last six years of war The role of the military and security services has been crucial to the stability of regimes in the Middle East for the last ...


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