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America’s highly-charged political atmosphere crippling Russian-US ties — ambassador

... the opposition in the United States has taken on a hostile attitude towards his intentions and in fact the incumbent US administration has not taken any real steps in this direction so far. On the contrary, it has recently expanded the anti-Russian sanctions imposed by former US President Barack Obama over the developments in Ukraine. Meanwhile, US legislators are hashing over a package of new sanctions against Russia. "Work with Donald Trump’s administration is unfolding uneasily," ...


Russian-Japanese Relations: a Systemic Crisis or a New Opportunity?

... under which Japan should not “make hay while the sun shines”, that is obtain unilateral advantages as a result of US sanctions against Russia, is considered of primary importance. As for Russia, its position in relation to Japan and the intensified ... ... is not of an ad hoc nature and reflects the country's long-term strategy, which manifested itself in the period preceding the Ukrainian crisis. Back in 2012, despite the displeasure of Beijing, Russia brought the Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean oil pipeline ...


Russia and Latin America in the Context of the Ukrainian Crisis

... the countries of Latin America against a backdrop of the country’s growing isolation from the West. President Putin managed to either win support for Russia's position in Ukraine from most of the region’s leaders or make them condemn the sanctions imposed by the United States and its allies. The Russian President's visit gave renewed impetus and relevance to the alliance of emerging powers. It is no secret that many experts were skeptical about it, regarding it as a mere platform for ...


Throwing Russia off balance is ultimate aim

... Newport, although it was during those same days that Russia’s efforts brought about some chances of getting out of the Ukrainian crisis! We have repeatedly asked our Western colleagues: is it necessary to expand NATO, probably it would be better ... ... months later, Miliband’s advisers leaked the episode to mass media for some reason, besides strongly distorting it. On sanctions and alliances - Nevertheless then there was ‘reset’ of relations with America, relations with the West were ...


Japan Fosters Solidarity with the United States and Europe against Russia

... solidarity with G7 condemnation of Moscow's “annexation of the Crimea”, but refrained from adopting serious anti-Russian sanctions. On May 25, 2014 Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida said that Japan should maintain political dialogue with Russia, although ... ... establishment, the Japanese government toughened its stance against Russia [2] . It should be noted that throughout the “Ukrainian crisis”, the two countries’ leaders had no direct contact, not even by telephone. Prime Minister Shinzō ...


The US and Russia Need Each Other Now More Than Ever

... Unfortunately, in the case of Ukraine, this general rule does not seem to be working. Such a conclusion is unavoidable on observing the discussions on Ukraine in the U.S. For all the pluralist views on the causes, dynamics, and likely consequences of the Ukrainian crisis, U.S. political and expert opinion is almost exclusively centered on two points: first, the sanctions against Russia — their scope and consistency, mechanisms to apply them, and the potential impact on the Kremlin; second, the apparent and rather blinkered belief that the U.S. is quite capable of solving major international issues without ...


The European Union has no alternative to partnership with Russia

... more and which are less disposed towards Russia? And how will this affect the future of the situation in Ukraine? Elena Ananyeva: The differences between elite opinion in Berlin and the other countries are obvious since businesses do not want harsher sanctions and even the population does not desire an aggravation of relations with Russia. France is concerned about the contracts for two Mistral helicopter carriers. Frictions have emerged between London and Paris. With the decision to sanction Russia ...


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