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Sanctioning the Pipelines: Implications for Russia, the EU and the U.S.

... concern with the position of Berlin, which has repeatedly manifested its discontent with any U.S. interference in the NS2. Ivan Timofeev: Europe Under Fire from US Secondary Sanctions For the whole 2019, Congress has been debating legislation to make sanctions against Russian pipeline projects mandatory or at least more obligatory for the Administration. Finally, Congress fixed them as a part of NDAA for the 2020 fiscal year ( sec. 7503 ). Now, the executives shall submit regular reports on companies and individuals ...


A Bumper Year for OFAC

... has already hit some Russian companies and their foreign partners. Ivan Timofeev: Europe Under Fire from US Secondary Sanctions The most conspicuous case in 2019 was a DOT investigation against Haverly Systems, a US company that supplied software to Russia’s Rosneft. Fearing sanctions, banks withheld Rosneft payments to Haverly Systems, but eventually it received the money with a delay. This was enough for the Department of the Treasury to classify the incident as a violation of Directive 2 based on Presidential Executive ...


American King Kong and the Law of the Jungle

... over the years, having lost its former sporting appearance and strength? Of course, in the Pentagon’s budget there is excessive fat, not at all related to national security strengthening. For example, lawmakers obliged the administration to impose sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 and Turkish Stream gas pipelines - apparently with the aim not to start the lengthy process of negotiating a separate bill. Mikhail Korostikov: Russia Is The Honey Badger Of International Relations But still, most of the Pentagon’s ...


Where is the Reality in Canada’s Morality Politics: An Appeal for a Thaw in Russian-Canadian Relations

... Sitting down with Russia is question of pragmatism, not appeasement. What is best for Canada globally is best for Canadians at home – especially those living in the North. This does not mean that Canada needs to cease its support of Ukraine, roll back sanctions, or stop denouncing Russian aggression. It means that Canada – alongside Russia – needs to find unique solutions for the more pressing and difficult questions. This implies not just talking, but also listening. Going forward, Canada will benefit from finding a balance ...


Russia-India Strategic Partnership: Crisis of Understanding?

... and space technologies to India. Moreover, being a permanent member of the UN Security Council and a participant of G8, Moscow was willing and capable of supporting India and mediating its relations with the Western world and its regional rivals. Now Russia is facing international sanctions and suffering from the deficit of support in the international arena while India is a legitimate player in the global politics with Indian Prime Minister Modi being welcomed as a headliner at global governance fora such as the World Economic ...


BRICS Strategic Partnership for Global Stability, Shared Security and Innovative Growth

... Chairmanship managed to achieve serious progress in all main pillars of cooperation – political, economic and humanitarian. Russia supports its Brazilian friends in their efforts to improve the practical impact of our multifaceted interaction on the ... ... be overcome. A serious threat to global economic growth is posed by such unfair competition practices as unilateral economic sanctions, trade wars and flagrant abuse of the US dollar status as the world reserve currency. The international community is ...


RIAC–CSIS Expert Meeting on the Prospects for Development of Russia-U.S. Relations

... Russia-the U.S. relations. The meeting was part of a long-term bilateral project conducted jointly by RIAC and CSIS since 2015. The discussion focused on the situation in the Western Balkans, challenges of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, U.S. sanctions against Russia, prospects for Russia-the U.S. relations after the presidential elections in the USA in November 2020. Russian side at the meeting was represented by Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General, as well as experts Maxim Samorukov and Julia Roknifard ...


Reducing Risks and Cutting Costs: The Art of Confrontation Management

... in and around Ukraine. Andrey Kortunov: Europe’s Greens as Future Strategic Partners of Russia Second, assuming that there is visible progress in implementing the Minsk agreements, there might be an opportunity to modify the EU’s mechanism for Russian sanctions. This is not to say that Brussels should consider a complete lifting of sanctions. Nevertheless, sanctions usually only work if the side imposing sanctions can expeditiously react to even minor changes in the behavior of the side against which ...


Will Russia Reinforce Iraq's Air Defenses?

... reinforcement of its air defense systems is taking on new meaning in Iraq. However, if Baghdad is serious about purchasing Russian air defense systems, several issues should be considered. First and foremost, Iraq would have to pay an immense political cost, as Russian missiles are subject to US sanctions. The contract on the S-400 or even S-300 (both systems are produced by the company Almaz-Antey) may expose Iraq to such sanctions. That said, the threat of sanctions did not prevent China, Turkey or India from buying the weapons. Russia, in ...


R6 — the Case for a New Global Currency Basket

... concern for the custodian of the global reserve currency. New World Begets a New Bank As a default mode, China should also beware that “the sanctioned objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.” In other words, China may also be a subject to sanctions at one point partially or fully. Tristan Kenderdine: US–Iran Conflict Would Strengthen China’s Position in the Middle East China, Russia, India, Brazil, and South Africa are the founding members of the New Development Bank . NDB’s 2017–2021 general strategy clearly highlights the bank’s commitment and intention to be new in three areas: 1) new relationships; 2) new projects ...


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