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What the OPCW Interim Report on Douma Says and What it Does Not Say

... monitoring of the samples’ authenticity. At the same time, the significance of these samples when deciding on whether or not chemical weapons were actually used may be determined through a non-transparent procedure. Now What? Anton Utkin: The End of OPCW-UN mechanism. What Stands Behind the Russian “No”? The decision imposed by the West and empowered the OPCW to assign responsibility for the use of chemical weapons has turned the organization into a platform for active political infighting. The coalition of 24 nations will now have to ...


The End of OPCW-UN mechanism. What Stands Behind the Russian “No”?

... terrorists. In particular, it pointed to experts’ refusal to visit the site of the attack despite security guarantees. All in all, Russia was so disappointed with the results of the report that it casted three vetoes in a row to put an end to the OPCW-UN mechanism that Russia had initiated together with the United States. This article is a contribution to the analysis of 7 th JIM report in an effort to understand how reasonable or groundless the Russian accusations of JIM’s work are. Background There were two international ...


Novichok: What Do We Know?

... stating that they “corroborate the accusations against Russia”; the fact that there are other countries which have produced Novichok-type agents disproves the UK’s statements that Russia can be the only country responsible for using such agents; Russia may ask the OPCW for information about all countries that have ever submitted Novichok-type analytical data; should it be confirmed that other OPCW member countries have a history of producing such agents, Russia may demand that these countries disclose the details ...


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