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Tensions between Russia and Turkey in Syria; effort for peace or Total War

... attacks targeted more than 30 Turkish troops, two Syrian military aircraft. About 19 Syrian soldiers, some Liwa Zainebiyoun, Fatemiyoun and Hezbollah forces were also killed In the Turkish UAV attacks. In the meantime, the reasons for this tension and Russia-Turkey-Iran competition in Syria should be examined. Although Russia and Turkey negotiated three rounds, they still failed to lead to a Cease Fire in Syria. On the one hand, Bashar al-Assad's government is dissatisfied with Turkey's non-compliance ...


Russia and Pakistan in the Middle East: Approaches to Security in the Gulf

... is determined by the region’s geopolitics. He demonstrated the need for the arrangement of new foreign policy guidelines for Pakistan, due to recent changes in the great powers’ policy path and their influence on the regions of South Asia and the Middle East. Russia and Pakistan are traditionally considered potential intermediaries when it comes to defusing tensions between the Gulf monarchies and Iran. Islamabad’s traditionally neutral stance was a deciding factor in 2019, when Saudi Arabia unofficially ...


Russia’s Position on the US–Iran Confrontation. Watching from the Sidelines

... to stop the military and politicians in Washington from making decisions that will have devastating consequences. Moscow builds on these realities in shaping its policy in the regions. Moscow will continue to promote the idea of inclusiveness in the Middle East region to create stability and security. While Russia does not see the need for itself to “rescue” others where the Europeans and the monarchies of the Gulf should themselves be interested to step in. First published in the Institut für Sicherheit .


Russia's approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with emphasis on the “Deal of the Century”

... there is evidence that Russia may be maneuvering to reach an implicit agreement in relation to the Trump´s century deal. Therefore, this article pursues to examine Russia's approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with emphasis on Trump´s plan. Russia's Middle East Policy After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia was economically and politically in distress and because of this Russians formulated a new strategy to increase their security as well as capacity to establish a counterbalance at the regional ...


Meeting with Swiss Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue Delegation

... support its operational work. The delegation was headed by Romain Grandjean, Middle East and North Africa Regional Director. In the course of discussion, representatives of the Swiss Centre touched upon the issues of armed conflicts in Libya and Syria, Russia's role in resolving crisis situations in these countries, as well as possible models of multilateral cooperation in ensuring the security of the Middle East and North Africa regions. The visitors from Switzerland were informed about RIAC’s most recent projects related to the settlement of regional crises and discussed the possibilities of cooperation between the Centre and the Council in this ...


2020 Forecast: Revealing the Future of the Middle East

... with Oman and at a later stage with Iraq due to the strong connections between Iraqi military groups with those in Bahrain whom Bahrain would accuse of tampering with its security and stability. Other Key Players Irina Zviagelskaya, Nikolay Surkov: Russian Policy in the Middle East: Dividends and Costs of the Big Game Israel Some important geopolitical trends in the region will be marked by March 2, 2020, with a new round of Israeli elections which would decide the future government of Israel. Indicators from Israel ...


Russia's comparative approach to the crisis in Libya and Syria

... representatives of militant groups. This strategy also allows Russia to put more pressure on the unruly Haftar and make its support for him conditional on his participation in transition talks. (7) The fall of Mummer Gaddafi undeniably delivered a blow to Russia’s interests in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. It also demonstrated that the country is an important ally of Moscow in at least three ways: As a partner on matters concerning the regulation of the global energy market, a client for Russia’s defense industry and,...


Russia's “Wait and See” Policies and the Libyan Settlement

... from the real problems and lack of agreement between the main players fighting for leadership in the Libyan issue. At the same time, the Russian approach assumes rather a tactical nature of interaction with various players on the Libyan settlement. Russia's cautious engagement and maintained contacts Andrey Kortunov: The Future of the Middle East: Horizons of Challenges and Opportunities Today, the situation in Libya is at an impasse. The Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) led by Fayez al-Sarraj is recognized by the international community in accordance with the UN-brokered ...


Meeting with Director General for Political Affairs at FCO Richard Moore Addresses Russia and UK Positions in Conflict Situations in the Middle East

... maintaining the JCPOA, agreements on Iran’s nuclear program. The meeting was also attended by representatives of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the British Embassy in Moscow. During the meeting the parties discussed the following issues: Russian and British positions in conflict situations in the Middle East and North Africa and the possibilities of constructive interaction between Russia and the West in Syria, Libya, and the Persian Gulf. The meeting was moderated by Laurie Bristow, British Ambassador to Russia.


The End of American Exceptionalism? The End of US Bases Overseas? The End of Israel? Trump 2020?

... chooses to tell the truth, he is one of the best minds we have. The comment you refer to was made in November and featured in the Russian propaganda outlet Strategic Culture with the headline, “Henry Kissinger Gets It… US ‘Exceptionalism’ Is Over.” ... ... up” our military so we would have to buy it again. Iraq was a similar misadventure, indeed all of our misadventures in the Middle East are summed up by our President, who has said “we spent seven trillion dollars there, and have nothing to show for ...


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