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Choice without a Choice

... such circumstances, numerous experts, analysts and political clairvoyants are attempting to predict who will win the November elections. Who will be governing America from the Oval Office in the White House for the next four years? Is it going to be Republican incumbent Donald Trump or Democratic challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden? Even today, when the campaign is in the homestretch, few are ready to name the winner confidently. Discussions on the subject are going on at full throttle in Russia too. Naturally, this is not because Russia wants to influence the outcome of the elections somehow. Such fantasies could ...


US Will Remain a Difficult Partner

... like pouring oil on already burning US-China fire. Can we expect a radical shift of the US approach to China after the November elections? Unfortunately, this is not very likely. If Joe Biden replaces Donald Trump in the White House, there will be a clear change in US foreign policy style and rhetoric, but much less in its fundamental ... ... long-term strategy toward the world in general — and toward China in particular. Andrey Kortunov: President Joe Biden and Russia Many in Russia believe that a protracted US-China confrontation meets Russia's foreign policy interests since this confrontation ...


President Joe Biden and Russia

... captivated by the vicissitudes of the election campaign, the endless opinion polls and periodic scandals surrounding President Donald Trump and his rival Joseph Biden. The stakes in this fascinating political game are incredibly high, not only for citizens ... ... White House. Andrey Kortunov: Trump 2.0: End of the Old Era, but Not the Beginning of a New One The results of the November elections will have serious consequences for all of these countries, positive for some, not so much for others. As for Russia, the historical significance of the U.S. elections is up for debate. One gets the impression that Russia is the exception ...


Why Should Putin Help Trump?

For Russia, this election in relative terms will mean less than for many other international ... ... mantras of Vladimir Putin standing by his old friend and partner—if not his puppet—Donald Trump. This belief remains one of the very few issues on which there appears... ... whether the Kremlin can indeed exercise a significant influence on the course of the US elections or even define its outcome. I personally tend to believe that no external...


Trump 2.0: End of the Old Era, but Not the Beginning of a New One

For the United States, for the European Union, for Russia, for China and for many other leading players in world politics, the great turning ... ... remaining months before the election, a variety of surprises could occur. But, apparently, Donald Trump’s chances of reelection in November are very high, and they continue... ... the Senate. The Democratic Party very clearly demonstrated its unpreparedness for the elections, even at the first primaries in Iowa. And in the international arena, Trump...


Trump’s Election Manifesto and US Policy Outlook

The US policy towards Russia and Ukraine will remain unchanged if Trump wins in November. Russia will continue to be perceived as a geopolitical adversary ... ... evaporation is expected), and Ukraine will be instrumental in containing Russia and Europe. On February 5, just hours before Donald Trump’s predictable victory in the Senate impeachment vote, he gave the annual State of the Union address. Valdai Club ...


Where the 2020 Candidates Stand on Russia

Just as it was in 2016, Russia is a topic at the forefront of conversations swirling around this year's election ... ... to build better relations with Russia. Biden is the most likely candidate to unseat Donald Trump, which means that Russia-U.S. relations are likely to continue being hostile... ... professor proposes “strong, targeted penalties on Russia for its attempts to subvert elections” and implementing policies that will help make America’s European allies...


Mueller never heard our side

Russian Senator Konstantin Kosachev tells Christiane Amanpour why he thinks the Mueller investigation was biased and "not a fair approach." Russian Senator Konstantin Kosachev tells Christiane Amanpour why he thinks the Mueller investigation ...


Looking Back to Singapore on the Road to Helsinki

... superiority. Igor Ivanov: A Roadmap for Russia–U.S. Relations “What I need is to win. Nothing else! ” It is well known that Donald Trump has a soft spot for strong leaders, even those who cannot be considered friends or allies of the United States. America’s ... ... opportunities to achieve an impressive historically significant victory. First, he could secure a promise from Vladimir Putin that Russia will not interfere in the midterm Congressional elections later this year, set to take place just five short months from now. As Moscow refuses to acknowledge that any interference ...


In Search of Russian Meddling

Comments on the article published by The Washington Post concerning contacts between a member of Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters and the RIAC Today, The Washington Post published an article on contacts between a member of Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters and the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC). While writing the article, The Washington Post journalist contacted RIAC program director Ivan Timofeev. The WP’s editorial board received a detailed commentary on the subject. Unfortunately, a significant ...


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