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War Commemorations Aim to Avoid War

... the Korean War to better handle conflict? This year marks the 70 th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War. It was initially a civil war that gradually evolved into an international conflict, during which the Soviet Union and China supported North Korea. Last Friday, China commemorated the 70 th anniversary of the Chinese People's Volunteers army entering the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea. How to evaluate China's decision to ...


Will the Six-Party Diplomatic Project Help Denuclearize the Korean Peninsula?

... A Gloomy Anniversary The September 19, 2005 statement proposed measures to phase out the nuclear potential of the Korean peninsula in exchange for establishing a peace and security mechanism that takes the interests of all sides into account. North Korea, whose missile programme was the focus of the talks, was primarily interested in eliminating threats to its national security and obtaining “irrevocable” guarantees of non-interference as an alternative to nuclear deterrence. These agreements ...


Post-COVID-19 Sanctions Policies

... the United States, Democratic candidate Joe Biden spoke about this as well [ vii ]. The US administration promptly released a list of exceptions to its sanctions, many of which were in place long before the pandemic. They concern Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela and Russia [ viii ]. A joint US-Swiss relief supply channel for Iran has become operational [ ix ]. We saw the first transactions based on INSTEX, a long-awaited channel for humanitarian transactions with Iran created by Great Britain,...


Will There Be an End to the Korean War?

... strengthens American military power in the Pacific, doing so to a much greater extent than Japan, still fettered by Article 9 of its Constitution. Nuclear Issue In the 1990s, the tangle of security problems on the Korean peninsula was supplemented by the North Korea nuclear crisis. North Korea, in violation of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, announced the development of a nuclear missile program. Pyongyang remembered the calls of the American General Douglas MacArthur, who led ...


Sanctions Against Russia: A Look Into 2020

Policy Brief #27 / 2020 Policy Brief #27 / 2020 Executive Summary — The report asesses the risks of sanctions against Russia over the year. — By 2020, the use of sanctions against Russia had gained much more stability compared to previous years. The damage caused by the new restrictive measures can be considered limited. The key issue is whether the situation in the coming year will remain stable? — Given the scale of the Russian economy, the current sanctions are unlikely to derail it. However...


The Price of Sanctions is Human Lives

... apply for licences for humanitarian aid. However, these applications take time to consider. What is more, the possibility of obtaining such a licence is not itself a solution to the problem. This much was clear before the pandemic began with the case of North Korea. Even though the UN Sanctions Committee approved applications for humanitarian exemptions, a host of problems arose—bank refusals, supplier delays, delays at customs, etc. Christian Wollny: Coronavirus Reveals Cracks in European Unity ...


Diplomats and Experts from South Korea and Russia Discuss Situation on the Korean Peninsula

... the round table by the staff of the Office of Korean Peninsula Peace and Security Affairs, MFA of the Republic of Korea, as well as representatives of the Embassy of South Korea in Moscow. The discussion touched upon such issues as the state of the US-North Korea dialog, the importance of multilateral mechanisms in achieving the goal of turning the Korean Peninsula into a nuclear-weapon-free zone, possible economic development projects on the peninsula, and prospects for bilateral cooperation between ...


Asia Under Fire of US Sanctions

... its own right for the United States, increasing the risk of sanctions and China’s retaliation Introduction For quite a long time Asia occupied a special place in international sanctions policy. Most of the restrictive measures were aimed against North Korea. The international community represented by the UN Security Council reached a rare consensus on the North Korean nuclear missile programme. There were differences among the Security Council members on the extent of pressure on Pyongyang. They ...


It’s Hard to Find a Black Cat in a Dark Room, Especially If It Isn’t There. RAND on the Search for Cyber Coercion

... the questions addressed in the RAND think tank's recent report " Fighting Shadows in the Dark. Understanding and Countering Coercion in Cyberspace ". The authors discuss cyber operations conducted by four states — Russia, China, Iran and North Korea — and try to determine whether those activities amounted to cyber coercion. Starting with the study findings, we will highlight the following points. Cyber operations intended to coerce are a small subset of overall cyber operations globally....


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