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From Arctic to Arabian Sea & West by Southwest: A Concept for Uniting China, India, Iran, & Russia with Open Source Innovation

... social science tracks and one science / engineering track.  This is a PhD/DBA I would like very much to design, teach, and earn.  It should be offered in multiple languages. President Putin has called for both a post-Western economy and a post-Western Internet. I know how to create both. My own country refuses to listen to me. My own country also refuses to devise a serious grand strategy that would end elective wars and the impoverishment of the five billion poor by predatory Western powers. Has the ...


Review: Time-Based or Analogue Network Security by Winn Schwartau -- Vital to Post-Western Internet

... Crime (Corporate), Economics, Information Operations, Information Society, Information Technology Amazon Page BOOK PAGE AT AMAZONWinn Schwartau 6 Stars – Foundation for IT & Web 3.0 Security This book is critical to the post-Western Web 3.0 new Internet and should be translated into Chinese and Russian as soon as possible. This is a Nobel-level piece of work that provides everything that Vint Cerf and Tim Berner-Lee failed to plan for. It exposes the IT industry for the insecure naked posturing ...


Cyber Caliphate: What Apps Are the Islamic State Using?

... calls, the manual recommended the use of such services as the German CryptoPhone and BlackPhone , which guarantee secure message and voice communications. FireChat , Tin Can and The Serval Project provide communication even without access to the Internet, for example, by using Bluetooth . The programs recommended by terrorists for encrypting files are VeraCrypt and TrueCrypt . The CEO of Idrix (the maker of VeraCrypt ) Mounir Idrassi admitted that “Unfortunately, encryption software like ...


RIAC Urban Breakfast on Facebook Wars and Twitter Protocol: What is Today’s Digital Diplomacy?

... diplomacy." For the present, we habitually divide the world into offline and online, but in practice such a distinction is nothing more than a way to procrastinate, not to answer at once. One can not ignore digital diplomacy, what is happening on the Internet is no less serious than in reality. Moreover, digital diplomacy can be regarded as an instrument of soft power. However, there is a number of difficulties. First, there is often a discord between the genuine and the ostentatious — what we see ...


Web Internationalization of Russian Universities (2016–2017)

RIAC Report #31 / 2017 This report is the result of a new stage in the research of the online English-language resources on the websites of Russian universities and is a follow-up to the initial report produced by the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) entitled “Web Internationalization: Russian Universities” in 2015. The authors developed a methodology for assessing the English-language websites of universities. The online resources of 47 universities were analysed and compared with...


Attracting students: a compared analysis of the English version Russian universities website

... how prestigious are the universities of a different country, common means and language of communication are needed. Since in nowadays globalised (or even post-globalised) world the most powerful and popular means of communication is provided by the Internet connection, and since English has become the “global language” above all, every university interested in attracting foreign students must have a website in English, where every needed information should be provided. -    Finding information: ...


Francis Fukuyama: We Need a Common Threat

... have to work together. That might be sufficient to break the cycle. Yet we did have a crisis in 2008 and it wasn’t big enough, it really didn’t solve the problem. I think the next one has got to be even bigger, unfortunately. You also said that internet is the ‘wild west’ for social media with everybody using it to their advantage. It seems to be relevant for the Western world — Russia included — do you think that the developing countries are going to step in this direction as well? ...


Natalia Gandurina: The Decline of Print Media Should Stop

Amidst the development of Internet technologies and the economic downturn, more and more media are going online and becoming web-based. Does this trend testify to the decline of print media? Natalya Gandurina, Vice President of ARTCOM Media Group (Forbes, L'Officiel, OK!, GEO) ...


RIAC and EWI hold an international seminar “Russia-US Cyber Cooperation – Building New Relations”

... discussed cooperation in countering cyber terrorism; indentifying terminology, critical for Russia and the United States in the field of cyber security; strengthening cooperative action and early warning of cyber attacks; the state’s role in the Internet development and the interaction of the Internet and business communities of the two countries. They also made important observations on existing problems in relations between the two countries in this field, and proposed a number of significant ...


RIAC at Digital BRICS Conclave 2016 in India

... discussion at the conference covered the prospects for economic, political and social cooperation within the framework of an information dialogue among the countries. On April 29, Anna Kuznetsova spoke at a session devoted to issues of social inclusion and Internet technologies. She emphasized the importance of disseminating educational products and services of the BRICS countries through the Internet, and submitted the RIAC report on university e-internationalization . Anna Kuznetsova also held a number ...


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  1. Korean Peninsula Crisis Has no Military Solution. How Can It Be Solved?
    Demilitarization of the region based on Russia-China "Dual Freeze" proposal  
     36 (35%)
    Restoring multilateral negotiation process without any preliminary conditions  
     27 (26%)
    While the situation benefits Kim Jong-un's and Trump's domestic agenda, there will be no solution  
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    Stonger deterrence on behalf of the U.S. through modernization of military infrastructure in the region  
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