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RIAC Urban Breakfast on Facebook Wars and Twitter Protocol: What is Today’s Digital Diplomacy?

... approaches, we don’t do the Twitter diplomacy." For the present, we habitually divide the world into offline and online, but in practice such a distinction is nothing more than a way to procrastinate, not to answer at once. One can not ignore digital diplomacy, what is happening on the Internet is no less serious than in reality. Moreover, digital diplomacy can be regarded as an instrument of soft power. However, there is a number of difficulties. First, there is often a discord between the genuine and the ostentatious — what we see ...


Russian Foreign Ministry Sends Evacuation Info to 20 000 Russian Tourists in Egypt via Social Media

The Russian Foreign Ministry expands its digital diplomacy toolbox, the most recent example being the mass-messaging of information about the evacuation from Egypt to ... ... companies.VK spokesperson Georgy Lobushkin and Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova commented on this issue to the Internet news website TJournal. According to Lobushkin, MFA representatives approached VK and requested to help spread an already ...


Russian Digital Diplomacy: 7 trends of 2014

... the occasion: “You cannot imagine, how difficult it often is for diplomats trained in the tradition of [the head of early Soviet foreign policy, Georgy] Chicherin to master new technologies.” The use of social networking websites, blogs and other internet services by diplomats in foreign policy-related work is called digital diplomacy. A couple of years ago, when diplomats were only trying to make friends with the internet audience, the efficiency and appropriateness of such experiments was often questioned – largely because of the conservatism of the diplomatic ...


Is the Bioinformatic Apocalypse Looming: Big Data and Biosecurity

RIAC’s Working Paper “Russia and Challenges of the Digital Environment” offers an inventive view on the problem of Big Data and its relationship with the nation’s digital sovereignty. Among other things, the paper considers the quickly evolving Big Data biological and medical segments, touching upon such critical matters as the possible emergence of targeted weapons able to target and injure specific groups of living beings, including humans. The rapidly growing volume of...


Russia and the Challenges of the Digital Environment

Working paper #15 / 2014 This working paper was written as part of the Russian International Affairs Council’s project “Information Security, Response to Cyber Threats and the Use of the Internet to Defend Russia’s National Interests on the International Scene.” In their articles, the authors expound on Russia’s presence in cyberspace and suggest the identification of a reference point from which to develop the discussion and seek ...


Digital diplomacy: areas of work, risks and tools

... process in the academy. Moreover, if the staff of the central office of the Foreign Affairs Ministry are able to be trained directly in the academy, the staff of embassies and consulates should be able to study online in the form of webinars. Thus, digital diplomacy and Internet activities as a whole can seriously strengthen the work on explaining the state’s foreign policy positions to domestic and foreign audiences. Digital technologies can be particularly useful in public diplomacy in the field of information ...


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