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Eastern Partnership Countries: Buffer Zone or Platform for Dialogue?

... the 10 th anniversary of the Eastern Partnership, a political initiative the EU launched in 2009 for developing relations with six eastern countries of the former socialist bloc. The collaboration program with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine was primarily intended as a means for introducing these countries to the European experience and approaches to developing their economies, political institutions and civil society. Given current events, however, Russia has a highly negative perception ...


Transnistria: Dilemmas of Peaceful Settlement

... Transnistria may develop according to one of three scenarios. 1. Integration. A fundamental agreement between Russia (which is interested in having sanctions eased and restoring relations with the West) and the PMR on one side, and the United States, the European Union, Ukraine and Moldova on the other, would pave the way for the incorporation of Transnistria into a single Moldovan state. However, the following conditions must be observed: the country’s neutrality, non-bloc status and independence from Romania must be preserved; ...


Ukraine is Intensifying the Transnistria Conflict

... alleviation of pressure on the TMR could be offered to Moscow in exchange for lifting the economic restrictions imposed after Moldova signed the Association Agreement with the European Union. Chisinau has been applying economic pressure on Transnistria with varying success over the past 15 years. Back in 2006, amidst a freeze in relations with Russia, Ukraine shut the border to Transnistrian exports. [16] Since that time, local enterprises wanting to enter foreign markets have ...


“Money in the Morning — Chairs In The Evening” or “Eastern Partnership” before the Riga Summit

... supporting Ukraine, the European Union put P. Poroshenko in essentially the same position as V. Yanukovich, plus the war and impending default, minus territorial integrity and political predictability. 1 . Pelczynska-Nalecz K. The ENP in practice – the European Union’s policy towards Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova one year after the publication of the Strategy Paper. – Warszawa, czerwiec 2005. – P.45-46. 2 . Ponomoreva E., Shishelina L. Latvia’s EU-2015 presidency: the Eastern Partnership instead of or together with Russia / Analytical ...


The Future of Eastern Partnership

... immediately after the August war in Georgia, the European Union decided not to become involved in a direct confrontation with Russia. Instead, the European Union decided to strengthen its relations with the six countries to the east, specifically Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. I think we are going to see a similar intensification of the European Union’s ‘Eastern policy’, including its relations with Ukraine. The new Ukrainian government is far more committed to close cooperation with the European Union than its predecessors. Most probably the Association Agreement with ...


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