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Africa — Russia — EU: Opportunities for Interpersonal Interaction and Civil Society Development

... contribution to the economic development of the African continent can be huge if they are provided with the necessary opportunities — education, training, jobs. If this is not done — and at the moment the unemployment rate among African youth as a whole has ... ... desperate young people will join the ranks of migrants to more prosperous EU countries, which represents a huge challenge for the European Union. This very important topic of youth cooperation leads to interaction in the field of high innovative technologies....


How Migration Affects Human Capital

... migration that is mainly expats. You can see the city is thriving, as our colleague Jens ( Jens Schneider ) was also pointing out. The cities with the largest influx are also the cities that are thriving the most. Maurice Crul : Well, in my research, education is crucial. So if you are looking at the study we did on the second generation in Europe, of all the key influences in how people become part of society, education is the most crucial thing. So how society has developed the educational system ...


Russia and the Bologna Process: 20 Years Later

... Diversification and Dilemmas Facing Russian Universities We should also recognize that Russia was not always sufficiently consistent and persistent in complying with the commitments it undertook. For instance, the Road Map on the Common Space of Research and Education, Including Cultural Aspects approved by Russia and the European Union in May 2005 states the readiness of both parties to accept Bologna’s two-tier “bachelor–master” system and their determination to transition to the three-tier “bachelor–master–doctorate” system. In other words, Russia was ...


African Union-European Union Summit: The Security – Development Nexus in a New Way

... contribution to the economic development of the African continent can be enormous if they are provided with the opportunity to receive education, training, get jobs. If this is not done – and now the unemployment rate among African youth as a whole has exceeded ... ... young people might join the ranks of migrants to the more prosperous EU countries, which presents a colossal challenge for the European Union. Moreover, if the unemployment rate among young people in North Africa is lower, about 25%, then in sub-Saharan ...


RIAC at World Forum for Democracy in Strasbourg

... the idea of democracy be modified? What has to be done in order to build a society based on stability, freedom, and social inclusion? These were the key issues of the 2016 forum agenda, the main topic being «Democracy and equality — does education matter?» According to the representatives of European states, it is education that has to become the key component for building a democratic society. The opening remarks at the Forum were made by Jagland Thorbjørn, Secretary General ...


Russia – EU: Labyrinths of Humanitarian Cooperation

... inventory” of agreements signed by Russia and the EU and between Russia and individual EU member states. Despite the importance of this activity it is clear that it stands quite apart from practical scientific and technological cooperation. To-date the education has turned out to be the most efficient and expanded element within the system of Russian-European humanitarian cooperation. The current goal of the European Union is to strengthen and optimize the linkage between the scientific research and innovations as well as to support small- and medium-sized businesses along with the promotion of the knowledge-based society in Europe. So far Russia objectively ...


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