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Geopolitics and Relations among Major Powers

... case with Russia and China today. Their partnership is not directed against any third countries; the relationship between Moscow and Beijing has its own driving forces and its own logic. Likewise, this partnership has nothing to do with ‘dividing Eurasia’; it does not create any threats or challenges to neighboring states. Second, traditional relations between major powers implied sophisticated bilateral or multilateral balancing mechanisms. Russia and China do not balance each other, but rather ...


Endgame of the Long Cold War

The New Encirclement and the Existential Imperative of the Eurasian Core In a remarkable but little remarked upon address to the graduating class at West Point in May 2019, US Vice President Mike Pence told his young audience that at some time in their career they would fight for their country. “ It will ...


RIAC - Astana International Financial Center discuss EAEU financial integration

... Financial Center in the Integration Processes and the Establishment of the EAEU Commona Finance Market” took place. The school was organized by the AIFC with the participation of the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC). Yuri Kofner, Head of the Eurasian Sector at the HS and chief editor of the Eurasian Studies portal in his lecture analyzed the integration of financial markets in the EU and the EAEU from a comparative perspective.As part of the lecture program, representatives of the AIFC addressed ...


EAEU: It’s Only the Beginning

_ Yuri Kofner, Head, Eurasian sector, CCEIS, HSE, Research assistant, IIASA, Editor-in-chief, analytical media “Eurasian Studies”. Nur-Sultan, 29 May 2019.During the first five years of its existence, the EAEU became an indisputable economic reality in Eurasia. Despite ...


Five Years On: The Eurasian Economic Union in Action

_ Yuri Kofner, Head, Eurasian sector, CCEIS, HSE, Research assistant, IIASA, Editor-in-chief, analytical media “Eurasian Studies”. Moscow, 7 May 2019.On April 30 2019, the heads of government of the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) convened in Yerevan ...


Priorities for the EAEU’s next five-year plan

_ Yuri Kofner, Head, Eurasian Sector of the Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies of the Higher School of Economics, Editor-in-Chief, analytical media, Eurasian Studies. Moscow, April 25, 2019. Interview by Dmitry Podobed. The interview was first published ...


Aggregation in Global Governance: Making Use of Short-Cuts

... process on the “revealed preference” of the respective countries that is based on regionalism may generate more stable and objective outcomes. With the pan-continental integration addressed in various degrees in almost all of the world’s continents, Eurasia today stands as the “last/final frontier” where such integration of continental magnitude is yet to be fully addressed. This is in spite of the fact that it was precisely in Eurasia that the first pan-continental theories of economic integration ...


The Elephant in the Room: Views on Connectivity

RIAC and DGAP held a roundtable "Connecting Eurasia: EU — Russia — China — Central Asia Strategic dialogue on connectivity". Maria Smekalova discussed the meaning of connectivity and the ongoing projects with Fabienne Bossuyt and Feng Shaolei On December 4, 2018, in cooperation with ...


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  1. Korean Peninsula Crisis Has no Military Solution. How Can It Be Solved?
    Demilitarization of the region based on Russia-China "Dual Freeze" proposal  
     36 (35%)
    Restoring multilateral negotiation process without any preliminary conditions  
     27 (26%)
    While the situation benefits Kim Jong-un's and Trump's domestic agenda, there will be no solution  
     22 (21%)
    Armed conflict still cannot be avoided  
     12 (12%)
    Stonger deterrence on behalf of the U.S. through modernization of military infrastructure in the region  
     4 (4%)
    Toughening economic sanctions against North Korea  
     2 (2%)
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