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The Intellectual Vector: Where Russian Interventionism Is Imperative

... Russian Realists (If I may strike a personal note, I have ventured an alternative narrative and explanatory framework from the global South. The Fall of Global Socialism—A Counter-Narrative from the South | D. Jayatilleka | Palgrave Macmillan ). Eurasia, Greater Eurasia In the aftermath of the important recent conference “5 years of the ‘Greater Eurasia’ concept : issues and accomplishments” held at the Higher School of Economics, Moscow, and the question that was posed at the conference "What ...


What has Eurasianism to do with the Eurasian Economic Union?

... such a large number of peoples, cultures and civilizations as Eurasia, in particular - northern Eurasia, i.e. the post-Soviet space. In this regard, it would be foolish not to take advantage of this unique advantage in the further construction of the Eurasian integration project. The key expression of this idea is the concept of a “Greater Eurasia” or “Greater Eurasian Partnership”, which implies the creation of a complex network of free trade zones, the integration of regional integration projects and the connection of continental transport corridors throughout the wider ...


A Win-Win Situation: EAEU Signs Free Trade Deals with Serbia and Iran

_ Yuri Kofner, research assistant, IIASA;  non-residential research fellow, Skolkovo Institute for Emerging Market Studies; editor-in-chief, analytical media "Eurasian Studies". First publication on: "Valdai" International Discussion Club. Munich, 29 October 2019.* On October 25 in Moscow, prime ministers of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) member states, Chairman of the Eurasian Economic Commission ...


Pragmatic Eurasianism: Four Approaches for Better Understanding the Eurasian Economic Union

... coordination. Furthermore, it is worth strengthening the powers of the existing bodies of the EAEU – of the EEC and of the EAEU Court – according to the already agreed rules.Revenge of the heartland: Geoeconomic determinismAnother unique feature of Eurasian integration, as pointed out by the EDB’s chief economist Yaroslav Lissovolik, is the result of the region’s tellurocratic geography. There is an unprecedented distance of Greater Eurasia’s hinterland/heartland, where most of the EAEU’s territory lies, from the global ocean and accordingly from international markets. Four out of five of the EAEU’s member states are landlocked: Kazakhstan is the largest landlocked ...


EU – EAEU could revive Eastern Partnership

_ Yuri Kofner, head, Eurasian sector, Higher School of Economics; research assistant, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). Report given at the KAS School of Excellence 2018 “Eastern Partnership: Challenges, Chances and Perspectives”. Chisinau,...


EAEU: the honymoon's over. Time to work!

... Economy and World Politics Sergei Karaganov and many others are members of the Valdai Club, as well as of the Council for Foreign and Defense Policy of the Russian Federation (CFDP), who are among the most influential policy institutes in Russia and the Eurasian space. It is precisely they who form, in many respects, the agenda for the conjunction of the EAEU with the Silk Road Economic Belt. This idea, as well as the very concept of a “Greater Eurasian Partnership” were the first developed by the CCEIS and Dr. Karaganov. The OECD-HSE Center works with the Government of Russia and we are currently conducting a study for the Russian government about Russia’s Chairmanship in the ...


Moldova received EAEU observer status. What next?

... – EAEU integration and the creation of a common economic space “from Lisbon to Vladivostok” within the framework of a Greater Eurasian Partnership. The establishment of a tripartite EU – Moldova – EAEU negotiation platform might help to achieve ... ... For example, at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in Laxenburg, Austria.First published at EurasiaFuture.


EAEU - EU common space: pro et contra

On 16 May 2017, Jurij Kofner, director, Center for Eurasian Studies, research fellow, IIASA (Vienna, Austria) gave a presentation at the young experts school "International Cooperation of the Eurasian Economic Union" that took place from 15 to 19 May 2017 at the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus ...


Moldova - EAEU: prospects for cooperation

_ Yuri Kofner, director, Center for Eurasian Studies, research fellow, IIASA. Moscow, 14 August 2017.IntroductionOn April 3rd, 2017 the Chairman of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission Tigran Sargsyan and the President of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon signed in Chisinau a ...


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