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Political Risks for Russian-Egyptian Cooperation in North Africa

RIAC and ECFA Report № 68/2021 RIAC and ECFA Report № 68/2021 This report aims to analyze political risks for Russian-Egyptian Cooperation in North Africa and summarizes joint findings by experts from the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) and the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs (ECFA). Russia and Egypt have important stakes in the region; both are actively ...


Egypt-China Relations at the Present Stage

... mentioned, as well as the modernization of Egypt's infrastructure and the preparation for the launch of a large industrial project — an economic zone in the Suez Canal area. Shehab Al Makahleh, Maria Al Makahleh: 2020 Forecast: Revealing the Future of the Middle East Despite some positive trends, there is a serious challenge in Egyptian-Chinese relations that could negatively affect the interaction between the two countries — intensive cooperation between China and Ethiopia. In particular, Beijing provides Addis Ababa with financial and technological assistance in the construction ...


Conference “Countries of the East in the 21st Century: Unevenness of Economic Growth and Inequality of Socio-Economic Development”

... part in the conference. Within the framework of the section “Economic Growth in the East at the Beginning of the 21st Century: Theory and Practice”, I. Bocharov presented a report on the features of the economic development of the Arab Republic of Egypt (ARE). A feature of the new economic course pursued by the Egyptian leadership is not about structural changes in the economy, it is more about the implementation of large infrastructure and industrial projects. The insignificance of structural ...


Middle East – 2030

... social tensions, youth unemployment, gender and class divisions. Moreover, all the major powers of the world are projecting military or economic power into the region. Structures Andrey Kortunov: The European Decalogue and the Middle Eastern Duodecim The Middle East is here defined as a core region rounded by Egypt, the Levant, Turkey, Iran and the Arab Peninsula. Since Turkey is actively projecting power into the Middle East, it is included as a part of the region for analytical purposes. When making a future study, it is important to look for some long-term ...


The Arab World: Between Violence and Consensus

... never-ending fear of violence. Equally damning is the fact that this is precisely how the region is beginning to be perceived by the outside world. This perception is largely unfair. Russia's Foreign Policy: Looking Towards 2018 Russia and the West Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia are not the only playgrounds for terrorists; so too are Barcelona, Nice, Paris, Berlin, Boston, St. Petersburg and many other ostensibly safe cities. The majority of the political regimes in the Middle East are perfectly stable, and the reforms implemented in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Jordan following the events of 2011, have had a positive effect on the development of these countries, especially against the backdrop of the misfortune that ...


What Should the Gulf Crises Teach Us?

... any international collective security system — its inclusive nature. It goes without saying that leading Arab nations — Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE and others — have to play a decisive role in building such a system. However, can one ignore non-Arab ... ... region -such as Iran, Turkey and Israel? These states are no less interested in a stable, predictable, prosperous and vibrant Middle East than their Arab neighbors are. It would be not only unfair, but also highly shortsighted to remove any of these states ...


Egyptian Revolution: New Problems Instead of Democracy

... create new jobs, especially for young people. This requires inclusive economic growth that would boost the well-being not only of the elite, but of other social strata as well. In recent years the concentration of wealth in the hands of a small group in Egypt was higher even than across the Middle East (where the gap is traditionally wide). Data for 2012 show that six billionaires in Egypt controlled 24% of Egypt’s GDP. Egypt also faces the challenge of strengthening its positions in the international capital markets and reducing ...


RIAC and Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs Discuss Russia-Egypt Relations

.... The discussants focused on Russia-Egypt relations, including its economic, political and cultural aspects, as well as global governance and attitudes of Moscow and Cairo to these issues. A separate session was devoted to conflict settlement in the Middle East and Russian-Egyptian interaction in this area. RIAC and ECFA will prepare a joint report to sum up the event outcomes. Roundtable “Russia-Egypt Cooperation: Bilateral and Regional Dimensions”


Amr Moussa: New Middle East Needs Integrated Development Plan

On October 28, 2015, Moscow was the venue for a public debate on Russia-Egypt relations and Middle East developments with participation of former Egyptian Foreign Minister (1991–2001) and Secretary-General of the Arab League (2001–2011) Amr Moussa. Organized by RIAC with support of Egypt’s Embassy to Russia, the event attracted ...


ISIS Overshadows U.S. Grudges to Egypt

... have accelerated the reconciliation process. Washington keeps blasting Cairo for violation of human rights and democratic liberties, at the same time enthusiastically cooperating in relevant areas, primarily in defense and security sectors, whereas Egypt remains a stronghold of stability in the Middle East and a guarantor of security for the Gulf monarchies. In March 2015, the Obama administration restarted full-size military aid, while John Kerry’s visit to Cairo coincided with the transfer of eight F-16s, and in June the U.S. House ...


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