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Diversifying Kazakhstan’s Economy: From Oil Dependency to Competitive Industrial, Innovative Development

Strong intellectual property rights could facilitate the move towards sustainable development Kazakhstan is currently experiencing the negative impacts of volatile oil prices. Kazakhstan's growth slowed from 4.1 per cent in 2014 to 1.2 per cent in 2018, adversely affecting the economy. The economy continued to suffer from a protracted slowdown in global oil prices and weak domestic demand, resulting in a real GDP growth rate estimated at 1 per cent in 2016. The policy problem is that the lower...


Ten reasons why joining the EAEU could be beneficial for Azerbaijan

_ Yuri Kofner, editor-in-chief, Eurasian Studies. Munich, 8 February 2020.Azerbaijan joining the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) could reduce the costs of imported intermediate goods for the Azerbaijani industry, increase exports of the agricultural and non-oil sectors of the republic by USD 280 million, improve the working and living conditions of Azerbaijani labor migrants ...


Prospects for the Fight against Extremism and Terrorism in the Central Asian Region

The biggest threat to Central Asia’s security is the overflow of terrorist activity from Afghanistan Central Asian countries experience diverse intersecting influences: they feel changes in the situation in the Caucasus, in the Xinjiang autonomous territory of China, in Afghanistan and the Middle East. Militants from various terrorist groups in the region cooperate, many of them fighting in Syria and Iraq. But the biggest threat to Central Asia’s security is the situation in Afghanistan, where...


Moldova in 2020–2021

... development. However, the forecast is right to stress that whatever political changes do take place with regard to Moldova's political situation, it is improbable that this will push the country's economy towards Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). The main question in Moldova’s relations with the European Union at present is whether the country’s leadership is prepared to reform the political system effectively and whether the European Union is prepared for dialogue with all the Moldovan ...


Principal Trends in the Development of Eurasian Integration

... economic relations. Emerging trends include the improved quality of integration and the shaping of the Union as a pragmatic and responsible partner involved in international relations as an independent actor. Elena Kuzmina: Free Trade Zones with the EAEU The EAEU is improving its institutions and mechanisms for regulating trade and economic cooperation, reducing the number of barriers to ensure the complete freedom of movement of goods, services, labour resources and capital within the single customs ...


Southeast Europe Today. Immediate Development Prospects

The results of the EAEU–Serbia cooperation can set a positive precedent for other Balkan states The situation in Southeast Europe today is still primarily determined by the attitude of non-aligned states to Euro-Atlantic integration. In this respect, interaction between ...


The Baltics in 2020. Frontline States and the Double Periphery

Full-fledged economic and social crises could be sparked in the Baltic states Politics. A Populist Revolt with Zero Results Over the past three years, political processes in the Baltic states have developed within the overall western trend of the population protesting against the old elites, characterised by voting for the so-called “populists.” In all three republics, members of the old elites lost to political movements and politicians that voters do not associate with the ruling class. Alexander...


The Trans-Caucasus in 2019 Is Not a Monolithic Region

Despite international security problems that overshadow Caucasus challenges, the region retains its independent significance In late 2016, the Russian International Affairs Council published The Evolution of the Post-Soviet Space: Past, Present and Future , a major anthology attempting to conceptualise development trends in both domestic and foreign policies in the newly independent states that emerged after the collapse of the once-single state, the USSR. The Trans-Caucasus featured prominently...


The Union State of Russia and Belarus: Searching for a Development Vector

... Therefore, the main issue in the further development of the Union State is whether these dividends can make up for the costs the sides incur in the process of maintaining the union. An Audit of Integration Processes Elena Kuzmina: Free Trade Zones with the EAEU The incompleteness of the Union State’s governing institutions and legal framework means that the contradictions that periodically emerge in Russia–Belarus relations cannot be resolved entirely through the Union State mechanisms and guided by ...


Deepening Russia-Turkey Relations

Report No. 41/2019 This report is the result of a collaborative study performed by the RIAC and the Center for Strategic Research (SAM) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey. SAM publishes academic journal “Perceptions: Journal of International Affairs” (Turkey), an English language journal on foreign affairs. The materials included in this report were initially published in a special issue of PERCEPTIONS . The paper presents the views of Russian and Turkish experts in the...


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