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Business in Need of Cyber Rules

Business initiatives on rules of conduct in digital space For more than 20 years, countries have been struggling to introduce a set of rules of conduct and liability requirements for digital space users. Progress in designing a code of cyber conduct ...


Mitigating Cyber Risks: Is There Room for Two?

... Could these two expert groups make groundbreaking progress, leading UN member states to agree on how to behave in cyberspace and respond to cyber attacks? Despite the positive agenda, some of the most sceptical voices in this discussion come from the business community. Businesses claim that they have the most to lose from cyber attacks and are often responsible for dealing with the aftermath. Businesses are increasingly willing to take matters into their own hands when cyber attacks occur, but the ...


A New Cybersecurity Diplomacy: Are States Losing Ground in Norm-making?

... years we are likely to witness a "cascade of cyber norms" proposed by non-state actors, as well as their gradual internalization. The form in which the norm is expressed is also important for its internalization. These initiatives show that business usually presents proposals on cyber norms in the form of public commitments. This is an interesting turning point for further research in the field of cyber norms consolidation. For a public commitment to be an effective tool the company must inform the public in a timely manner about ...


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