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Business in Need of Cyber Rules

Business initiatives on rules of conduct in digital space For more than 20 years, countries have been struggling to introduce a set of rules of conduct and liability requirements for digital space users. Progress in designing a code of cyber conduct is all the more relevant since digitalization is sweeping the planet at breakneck speed, creating new risks along with new opportunities. Businesses that are confronted with new challenges and threats in the digital space are putting forward their own...


Mitigating Cyber Risks: Is There Room for Two?

There is still a role for global discussion on norms of conduct in cyberspace Anastasia Tolstukhina: Two Cyber Resolutions Are Better Than None Experts both in Russia and in the West are beginning to feel cautiously hopeful about the recent UN discussions on information security. 2018 has seen the adoption of three resolutions regarding states’ behaviour in cyberspace , two of which have been proposed by Russia and one by the US. Following these suggested initiatives, two expert groups are supposed...


A New Cybersecurity Diplomacy: Are States Losing Ground in Norm-making?

... neo-theories of IR, they were still not seen as actors capable of formulating and consolidating norms of international law for any of the fields. Today most of the powerful states are evading the development and signing of any legally binding agreements on cyber norms, as it will impose legal responsibility for the violation of obligations. The emergence of new information technologies that have posed challenges to the security of states has brought some new actors to the table for talks on cyber norms ...


Marina Kaljurand: We Don’t Need to Write New Norms for Cyber

On March 14-16, Berkeley hosted Global Cyberspace Cooperation Summit On March 14-16, Berkeley hosted Global Cyberspace Cooperation Summit organized by East West Institute and attended by over 150 experts, government and business representatives from a number of countries. RIAC website editor Maria Smekalova talked to Marina Kaljurand, former Estonian Minister for Foreign Affairs, National Expert at the United Nations Group of Governmental Experts on Developments in the Field of Information and...


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