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Cultural Ties in Russia-U.S. Relations

... this propaganda campaign reaches absurd levels, spilling over into areas that have little to do with politics. An example, a recent article by Graham Bowley in The New York Times implies a Russophobic theory based on totally unrelated facts. Russian culture is portrayed as a powerful tool of the Kremlin to manipulate U.S. public opinion and burnish the image of Russia . He references Fort Ross State Historic Park in California, which was renovated by the State of California and now receives budgetary ...


Russia’s Policy in a Dynamic Africa: Searching for a Strategy

... this change was the 2014–2018 Oromo revolution in Ethiopia, which went unnoticed by the Russian expert community. It is customary for experts to talk about Ethiopia’s special status in Russian foreign policy: the countries share a common Christian culture; Russian poet Alexander Pushkin’s great-grandfather was born in Ethiopia; and the first hospital in the country was built by the Russian Red Cross back in 1898. However, the country’s ethnopolitical balance has been changing rapidly: the southern ...


Language of Urdu TV Channels in India and the Debate of Culture,Language and Aryans

... in a place in today 'Dera Khair Makhtoom Khwah' in Gilgistan and Baltistan province of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Northern State of Jammu and Kashmir of India and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir including part of Afghanistan were rich in Sanskrit and vedic culture and literature in ancient time before the first invasion took place. Jammu and Kashmir had most famous list of 108 Sanskrit Sage or Poets who wrote master pieces in those times. Today when a 18 page report has shred a truth on orgina of 'Aryan' ...


Beyond the Right Side of History

... became engaged in the global economy, and more importantly, in world politics, but they did not become homogeneous and like-minded. As a result, the world became global and interconnected but retained the diversity of interests and original political cultures and views. This did not fit the universalistic understanding of “the end of history” and the triumph of its “right side.” As rising powers became more persistent in advancing their interests and principles, they faced growing opposition ...


The McCarthy Era And the Beat Movement Seen Through Russian Eyes

Why Aksyonov matters With the conversation surrounding U.S. president Trump recalling names like Shine, Cohn, and Browder, publications are buzzing up the meme that we're living in a new McCarthy era. It is not surprising since McCarthyism is associated with the use of unfair allegations and investigations, smear campaigns, character assassinations and subterfuge that produces public fear and chaos. One sees a lot of these things emanating from the Trump White House, among Democratic Party activists...


Ethics In Business: The Dethroning Of Our Value System

... that freedom.” Richard P. Feynman, a Nobel Prize winner for Physics in 1965 Trust. Integrity. Honour. Lexicons or Values? The month of November 2018 witnessed many boardroom dramas. Revelations of Facebook in the New York Times spoke of an unbecoming culture of ‘Delay, Deny and Deflect’allegedly practised by the most senior people in one of the largest corporations ruling this world today: People who we idolise, our children want to emulate, those who frequent talk shows and international business ...


Russian Writer Evgeny Chizhov: Writers Should Stay away from Both Authorities and Opposition

... Asia, or rather in the East in general. I personally became interested in the region even before university, during my final years at school, that is, in the early 1980s. The last generation of Soviet youth were greatly influenced by Western counterculture: English-language music and the Beat literature. This counterculture was largely oriented towards the East, as distinct from the traditional, self-centred Western culture. It turned to the East not so much as a source of creativity but rather ...


What The Malaysian Election Means To Me

... because we allowed and approved unhealthy behaviours and practices in our public sector and private sectors. We collectively allowed and practiced for our own personal benefits when it suited us the whole “ampu-bodek” ( i.e. sucking up, fawning) culture and not questioning authority in the name of culture. We turned a blind eye when our government-linked companies splashed our tax monies on exotic board meeting locations for as if having a board meeting in Bali or Perth would have one make better ...


RIAC Hosts a Round Table with the Turkish Minister of Culture and Tourism Numan Kurtulmuş

On March 14, 2018, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) with the support from the Embassy of Turkey to Russia held a round table discussion with Numan Kurtulmuş, Turkish Minister of Culture and Tourism, on soft and smart power in Russia-Turkey relations. On March 14, 2018, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) with the support from the Embassy of Turkey to Russia held a round table discussion with Numan Kurtulmuş, Turkish ...


Literature, Science and Global Russians. Interview with Olga Breininger

... hundred per cent correct about technology. I am completely fascinated by it. More than that, right now I’m studying the anthropology of technology as a minor. But my interest is from the perspective of a person engaged in the humanities, a person of culture, of the word. That is first and foremost. As for areas that I see as being especially relevant and possessing the potential to change our world, I would point to neurobiology and artificial intelligence. And renewable energy sources. By the way,...


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