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Endgame of the Long Cold War

... encirclement; the exit from multilateral arms control agreements; the trade wars and escalation of sanctions; and of course the aggressive and explicit character of official discourse. What kind of picture does emerge? What is unfolding today is not the New Cold War. The New Cold War was during the Reagan years, in the 1980s, as critically elaborated most notably by Noam Chomsky and Fred Halliday in their published books of that decade. So, what is happening currently has to be the New, New Cold War, or ...


The House That Built Who?

... events. In fact, the year 2018 drew a line in the international arena under what can be called the post-Soviet period. In other words, it is a period when the international system remained within the framework (albeit transforming) established during the Cold War-era confrontation. Why did it happen now? Were there not enough events in the past century that knocked down the old system and brought new motivations into international practice? There certainly were many such events, but the past twelve months ...


Russia Is Being Used As a Meme in U.S. Politics

... hours ago said exactly the opposite. This is not the way emerging superpowers are treated. Trump, for instance, can’t afford to do the same with China. He treats Beijing with more respect. As an aside, the concept of superpowers dates back to the Cold War and is outdated. Even if we think of the United States or even China as superpowers today. Russia certainly isn’t one, because it lacks resources. And even the United States is losing its status. What I see unfolding is something else entirely....


Mapping Global Strategic Stability in the Twenty-First Century

... relationship—the only one to have featured strategic arms control—is no longer central to global strategic stability. While Sino-American relations are not nearly as dominant in terms of the rest of the world as U.S.-Soviet relations were during the Cold War. Thus twentieth-century methods of dealing with the issue of strategic stability, such as arms control, are insufficient. The U.S.-Russia strategic relationship—the only one to have featured strategic arms control—is no longer central to ...


Hollywood banks on Cold War and "McCarthyism"

... Hollywood "Russian Spy" movie "Red Sparrow" ( which has earned more than $153.5 million in gross revenue including home rentals) high marks for authenticity.  Philippe Thyraude de Vosjoli was a famous french spymaster during the Cold War era with intimate knowledge of the Cuban missile "crisis" that Hollywood used to produce the 1969 Alfred Hitchcock film "Topaz".  Today, 40 years later, Hollywood continues to churn out films that encourage and benefit ...


Despite the Helsinki Summit, the Hybrid War Is Here to Stay

... dialogue between presidents is required. If the upcoming summit lays the groundwork for such a dialogue, it will have served a useful purpose. Since 2014, Russia and the US have been embroiled in a conflict comparable to, yet very different from, the Cold War; one that is as, or even more, dangerous than its twentieth-century predecessor. In February 2018, US forces killed a number of Russian private contractors advancing on positions held by US allies at Deir-ez-Zor. In April, the US and its allies ...


Cold War Memories. A diplomat's daughter looks back

... article to find the reference.)  The obit offers some excellent insights for those who follow efforts to characterize the current political-psychological situation between White House and the Kremlin as "the new McCarthyism" and "the new Cold War."  UPDATE  4 SEPT  It is often overlooked that GFK played an important role in crafting US policy during World War 2, to wit that Washington would negotiate with the Salazar regime in Portugal to gain concessions of facilities in ...


Webinar “Russia and the US: a New Cold War or the Way to a New Détente?”

How likely is a new arms race to begin? Are the latest actions of Russia and the U.S. going to lead to a new Cold War or will they become a starting point of the negotiations on a new strategic arms reduction treaty? On April 6, 2018 the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) hosted a webinar devoted to Russia – US security relations. Richard Weitz,...


The West’s Unilateral Cold War

The problem between Russia and the West is really a problem among Westerners themselves. If there is a new cold war, it is only because established elites have not come to terms with reality: the balance of military, political, economic, and moral power has shifted too far away from the West to be reversed. Rising tensions between the United Kingdom and ...


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