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How Dare You! The UN and the Climate Agenda

... the UN mechanisms that are called upon to coordinate international efforts in combating climate change. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), established in 1988, is the key advisory body representing the international professional community on climate change issues. The fundamental document on cooperation in this area is the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change [ 1 ], the goal of which is to prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the planet’s climate system....


Financing climate change... an air-conditioned nightmare

... and buzzing up the messianic meme that equates the government of president Donald Trump with Nicaragua and Syria, who are outliers to the Paris accord. Chancellor Merkel is on the record saying she now views China as Germany's strategic ally in the climate change conundrum. The Beijing regime, which has committed $1 trillion to its “silk road initiative,” is also dealing with a major corruption scandal involving the testing of concrete on a bridge linking Macau and mainland China with Hong Kong. Globalist welfare ...


UN Climate Summit: Are Countries Ready To Go Green Together?

... under the Kyoto Protocol. Hence, the format of their participation in a new agreement seems decisive. So far, Beijing and New Delhi have refrained from full-fledged obligations, only checking the cooperative aspirations of other countries that see countering the climate change as pointless without the participation of China and India. The industrialized world is also far from united, since some states, primarily the U.S., do not want to concede to a legally binding post-Kyoto accord if China opts out of full-blown ...


International agenda on climate change: what are the prospects for a new treaty?

... results. Climate change thus serves as a textbook example of the Tragedy of the Commons where individual countries prefer to pursue short-term economic interests overusing a common good, even though everyone will be worse off in the long-term. An annual UN summit on climate change convened in Warsaw on 11-23 November 2013 provided another illustration of this with a dramatic standstill between industrialised and developing countries in its last meeting. This article reviews the current international agenda on climate ...


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