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A Unicorn Environment: How to Grow a Startup in China

China’s market is large, young, and avidly embracing new technologies, which provides for the rapid commercialization of digital business models In October 2019, China overtook the United States in the number of unicorn companies, defined as startups that have achieved a capitalization of more than $1 billion over a short period of time. In total, the Shanghai-based Human Research Institute (Hurun) identified ...


Russia-China Business Forum Expects 150,000 Chinese Companies to Work

... strengthening ties between the two countries. "Small and medium businesses are by their nature the most social, and their contacts greatly enhance the development of popular diplomacy," he said, noting that a joint online e-commerce platform for businesses from the two countries would be discussed in Sochi. The first Russian-Chinese platform for online trading opened in China in February. The platform will provide an opportunity for Russian manufacturers to directly offer Chinese consumers a variety of goods, including metal products, machinery, food and fur, among others. The last Russian-Chinese business forum took ...


Better than a “Global Player”. Interview with Yandex Product Marketing Director

... not allow people to mix business with personal matters. I consider political views to be personal matters. Fortunately, in terms of internal processes, there has not been such impact: the company’s corporate culture does not allow people to mix business with personal matters. I consider political views to be personal matters. Not so long ago Yandex opened its representative office in China. What is the mission of the Company in that country? If a country has no school of thought, an isolated scientist cannot survive: he has to communicate with colleagues of a similar level, and not once a year at a conference, but every day – ...


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