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Divided World

... than two decades have passed, and the world has become a very different place. The war on terrorism is no longer the top priority of global politics: it has given way to the more familiar geopolitical confrontation between great powers. Russia and the West, the United States and China constantly accuse each other of directly or indirectly supporting terrorist organizations and movements. Successful joint war on terror involves, among other things, the exchange of more than sensitive information, the ...


China Does Not Seek to Disprove but Work with and Be Receptive to Others

... dynamics of certain international problems. That is, in general, it is important from the point of view of communication between our countries, strengthening friendship and relations of privileged comprehensive strategic partnership. Ivan Timofeev: Russia-West: Rising Stakes What are the main factors that will ultimately determine the resolution of the Ukraine crisis and conflict by peaceful means? This is a complex question because the Ukraine conflict is caused by a whole complex of contradictions that ...


Is Russia Losing India?

... relations, is going through a period of severe stress. Over the last five years, Russia’s share of Indian defense imports went down from 60% to 45% and is likely to shrink even further in the near future. Moscow has to confront the rapid expansion of the Western presence in the Indian arms markets and the current "Made in India" strategy pursued by the Indian leadership. On top of that, there are questions in India about the reliability of Russian weapons, Russia’s compliance with delivery ...


What Is a ‘Just International Order’?

The basis of the modern international order is the procedure created by the countries of the West, and the central idea underlying this procedure is the immanent injustice of international politics The basis of the modern international order is the procedure created by the countries of the West, and the central idea underlying this procedure ...


Rules-Based International Order: Dos and Don’ts of “Liberal” Manners

... interpretation and treatment of formally enshrined principles of the international law. It was at that juncture that a new concept of the rules-based order was so much needed. The rules-based order: a sweet-sounding euphemism? Andrey Kortunov: A New Western Cohesion and World Order The “rules-based international order” as a political construct came into vernacular usage relatively a short time ago, in the 2000s. The usage frequency graph for the “rules-based international order” phrase in the array of publications, according to Google Books Ngram , demonstrates that since 2000 there has been a steady increase ...


Explaining China’s Response to the Russia-Ukraine Crisis

... and this will certainly have important repercussions for the Russia-Ukraine conflict. *** A more accurate definition of China’s positioning in the Russia–Ukraine conflict is constructive intervention rather than neutrality. Unlike the US and the West, China’s policy is not based on choosing a side, but oriented toward constructive results. At this stage, China’s understanding of constructiveness can be summarized in the twelve-point proposition of the Ukraine peace plan it proposed in February ...


Voting Practices of Sub-Saharan States of Africa at the UN General Assembly: Latest Trends and Underlying Strategies

Working Paper No. 74 / 2023 Working Paper No. 74 / 2023 The working paper seeks to analyze constitutive voting patterns of Sub-Saharan states of Africa at the UN General Assembly. The methodology proposed in this paper offers an opportunity to explore this issue topic-wise as well as in a broader sense. The paper considers a number of indicators that help assess the involvement of the continent’s different countries in the voting processes, builds on the various types of strategic behavior in the...


OPEC+ Cuts Production

... presidential campaign. On the other hand, the rising cost of fuel spins up inflation, as the cost of delivery is built into the cost of goods. Western media also accuse the Arab nations of helping the Russian economy by these cuts in production. Such accusations expose the real problem. Western nations do not want to listen to explanations of OPEC+ member states as to why they decided to reduce oil production. Such a conflict of interests makes itself felt on a regular basis. A telling incident occurred on October 5, 2022, at an OPEC+ ...


Global South Shows Resilience over Ukraine Issue

... are in reality quite selective and biased. Another explanation is that in the West the ongoing conflict in Ukraine is often presented as a part of the global clash between "good democracies" and "bad autocracies," as yet another crusade in defense of Western liberal values against the Eastern despotism. The fact is that many nations in Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia can hardly fit the Western "democratic" standards; these nations were not even invited to the virtual Summit for Democracy ...


The New Big Idea: Friend-Shoring

... productivity growth that comes with economic integration.” But is friend-shoring truly a new paradigm in how economic alliances are forged and what kind of implications will it have for the future course of the global economy? Andrey Kortunov: A New Western Cohesion and World Order Arguably, friend-shoring is nothing new. Indeed, the Cold War period was precisely the pattern that reflected the division of the world economy on the basis of values/geopolitics rather than strictly economic considerations....


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