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India Is Irreplaceable Balancing Force in Global Systemic Transition

... terms here are peaceful and gradual since India would prefer for there to not be any sudden disruptions on either front: neither a U.S.-provoked hot war with China nor some unexpected breakthrough by Beijing which leads to the rapid collapse of the Western-centric system that in turn results in the People’s Republic becoming the sole superpower. It’s with this grand strategy in mind that India closely cooperates with the Quad, BRICS, and the SCO so as to play a leading role within each to that end, all with the intent of responsibly guiding the global systemic transition towards multipolarity that it expects will reward it with becoming the third pole of influence within this ...


BRICS and the Western-Centric Global Film Industry: Possibilities of the Digital Era

... participate in the creation of a new, digital global film industry by jointly launching its own streaming service. Such an endeavour is not only commercially viable but also would shape the global cultural scene, making it more diverse and fair. The West’s Hegemony in the Global Film Industry Dattesh Parulekar: BRICS Should Avoid Becoming an anti-US Group In the recent decades, the West (defined in this study as the United States, Britain and the EU) has lost its uncontested dominance on the global arena in terms of economy and geopolitics, as the new economic ...


Where Is BRICS Headed? On the Results of the Goa Summit

... leaders of the five countries confirmed their intentions to expand their interaction within BRICS and to promote its further strengthening, especially in the political area, which is of particular significance for Russia given the conflict with the West. BRICS: Real and Imagined Problems 15 years have passed since Terence J. O’Neill coined the abbreviation BRICS to denote the growing markets of particular attraction to investors, and 10 years have passed since a meeting of the Ministers of Foreign ...


How Russia Sees the World

... between global responsibility and long-term national interests. India showed that a reasonable and proportionate use not only of Western technologies but also of the broader Western civilizational and cultural heritage (English as a common language, Westminster-style parliamentary democracy) did not harm its sovereignty but, through specificity, strengthened it and helped hold the country together. The popular BRICS group (which includes some of the aforementioned countries) is an important addition and sometimes a good alternative to excessive power-play activity. Most of the BRICS members are developing countries, and their preeminent task is catching up ...


Why the West, especially Europe, needs Russia

... establishment of the (admittedly as yet ineffective) Eurasian Economic Union. Most recently Russia secured the third most voting shares in the Chinese led Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank. While Russia’s ambitions for its relations with the BRICS are naïve, as I have argued elsewhere , a Western policy that does not engage Russia will only strengthen Moscow’s turn to these institutions and encourage its efforts to use them to provide a counterbalance to the West. What all this shows is that on a number of critical issues in international ...


BRICS and DEVELOPING NATIONS – I hope we won’t be Subjugated ANYMORE

... hope. A New sense of freedom; a new sense of dignity and pride – we No longer have to be the “Coolies” of the west and their neo-colonialist mind-set based on the great and evil social Darwinian theory of White superiority. We see protection,... ... as least I as an Asian, who lived in Europe for nearly 20 years, but returned to my nation of Malaysia, say THANK YOU to the BRICS Group under the Chairmanship of Russia, with the People’s Republic of China, Brazil, South Africa and India in the ...


Russia far from isolated in non-West community

Russian President Vladimir Putin will host two important international summits, one of the BRICS group on July 8-9 and the other of Shanghai Cooperation Organizations members on July 9-10. For public relations, this will ... ... half of the world's population, Putin will be able to project an image of Russia joining the global "new wave" of non-Western countries raising their profile and expanding their role in the world. This is a sea change for Russia's foreign policy....


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