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South Korean Arms for Canada and Poland: NATO’s Reserve Arsenal for Ukraine?

... Korean proverb During a meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club on October 27, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned about the risk of a deteriorating Russo-Korean relationship, given that Seoul was supplying arms and ammunition to Ukraine. The Russian leader posed a logical question : “How would the Republic of Korea feel if we resumed cooperation with North Korea in this area?” In response, Korean President Yoon Seok-yeol pointed to his solidarity with the international community ...


Dare Question Support for Ukraine

Supporters in America and the EU funding this proxy conflict against Russia should not be blinded to the very serious democratic deficits in Ukraine Question the billions of dollars being sunk into Ukraine that has resulted in a devastating loss of life, an ensuing energy crisis, and mounting fears of nuclear war; and you are politically canceled as a Putin ally. To be clear, asking questions ...


Changing Roles: Why Countries of Middle East May be Future’s Best-Suited Mediators?

... Egypt enjoy good working relations with both Moscow and Kiev as well as with the countries that directly provide military aid to Ukraine. So far, none of them is going to choose sides to please the West, which has been putting pressure to join sanctions and ... ... risk but also rule out the possibility to act as an intermediary in the negotiations, thereby contributing to resolving the Ukrainian crisis. Besides, this would definitely cast a shadow on their intermediary abilities in the future: there will hardly ...


Constructing Security: Why Agreement on the Zaporozhye NPP Is So Necessary?

... not the only large nuclear facility in Ukraine. The country is among the world’s top ten and Europe’s top five pioneers of nuclear energy in terms of power units. The security model, if well-tested at the Zaporozhye NPP, could be used later on at Ukraine’s three other operating nuclear power plants. For sure, it would be even better if it didn’t come to that. Aleksey Arbatov: The Ukrainian Crisis and Strategic Stability Second, such a precedent would be of great value even beyond the framework of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Previous attempts to establish effective control of a nuclear power plant with an armed confrontation ...


RIAC and Oxford Process Second Expert Round Table

... Oxford Process, a British expert think tank, held the second joint expert round table on the challenges of settling the Russian-Ukrainian crisis. Russian and British experts discussed the analytical materials prepared by Oxford Process on issues of territorial ... ... international conflicts. The following issues of territorial integrity in the conflict between the two countries were discussed: Ukraine's red lines in territorial matters; territorial goals of Russia; the role and the possibility of introducing international ...


Oxford Process Tenth International Expert Meeting on Challenges in Settling Russian-Ukrainian Crisis

... challenges of resolving the Russian-Ukrainian crisis and the future of European security On June 16, 2022, Oxford Process, a British expert think tank, held the tenth high-level international expert meeting on the challenges of resolving the Russian-Ukrainian crisis and the future of European security. The meeting was dedicated to the prospects for post-conflict reconstruction of the territories affected by military operations and the future of economic relations between Ukraine, the European Union and Russia. Other discussion topics included various aspects of restructuring the Ukrainian economy, the problems of the country's external debt, and the likely place of Ukraine in the emerging global and European division ...


EER Expert Discussion on Consequences of Russia-Ukraine Conflict for Geopolitical Situation

On May 27, 2022, European Eye on Radicalization (EER), an international multimedia platform, held an online expert discussion on the consequences of Russia-Ukraine conflict for the geopolitical situation in various regions of the world and for the prospects of countering international terrorism and political radicalism On May 27, 2022, European Eye on Radicalization (EER), an international multimedia platform,...


Shanghai Institute for International Studies and The Belfer Center Fourth International Expert Forum

... University, held the fourth online international high-level expert round table, dedicated to the trends in the development of world politics in the context of acute recent crises. The session addressed various international political aspects of Russia-Ukraine conflict, including Italy's latest proposals on the future status of Ukraine in the new European security format, new U.S. commitments regarding the security of Taiwan, the prospects for reaching agreements on the exchange of prisoners of war ...


Three Scenarios for the End of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

From personnel to propaganda and from strategy to statecraft, the two competing post-Soviet models are being put to the test. The outcome will have repercussions that go far beyond Europe The military confrontation between Russia and Ukraine is not an ethnic conflict: ethnic Ukrainians and ethnic Russians are fighting on both sides of the frontline. And radical nationalism is not the main motivation for Ukrainian resistance—contrary to many of Moscow’s statements. Neither is it ...


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