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Ukrainian Crisis, Turkey and Eurasia: Who Wins?

... for foreign countries. We have already provided such estimates for major players — the US, the EU, India, China, and Japan. And now let’s outline the possible trajectories for some states of Eurasia, located in close proximity to the borders of Russia. Ivan Timofeev: Ukrainian Crisis. Who Has the Upper Hand? Turkey appears to be one of the key beneficiaries of the conflict. Ankara skilfully manoeuvres, benefiting from everyone. Turkish diplomacy opposes the Russian military operation, condemns Russian actions and shows solidarity with NATO allies. In relations ...


It is unlikely that President Erdoğan can play the role of an efficient mediator between Russia and Ukraine

The ongoing military conflict in Ukraine might produce at least two new opportunities for Turkey’s foreign policy The ongoing military conflict in Ukraine might produce at least two new opportunities for Turkey’s foreign policy. First, it is likely to distract Russia’s attention from other regional crises where Moscow and Ankara have diverging interests such as in Syria, Libya, and the South Caucasus. The change in Russia’s priorities opens ways for strengthening Turkey’s positions in these crises and ...


Russian-Turkish Relations in 2014

... the fore. Nevertheless, this format should not be ignored, as BSEC could become a convenient platform for coordinating complex economic projects in the region, testing initiatives and building additional support. Despite the tense relations between Russia and certain European countries amidst the Ukrainian crisis, and the lack of encouraging progress in Turkey’s accession to the EU, Moscow and Ankara are still interested in the project of building a Greater Europe. A common security space “from Lisbon to Vladivostok” is impossible without the active cooperation of all the three “poles,...


Russian-Turkish Relations in the Ukrainian Context Discussed in RIAC

... is defined by the numerous Tatar community on the peninsula and Black Sea interests On March 25, RIAC hosted a roundtable on Russian-Turkish relations held in partnership with RAS Institute for Oriental Studies and Turkish Global Relations Forum. The ... ... Director General Andrey Kortunov, Deputy Foreign Minister Alexei Meshkov ( Statement ), RIAC Member Ambassador Pyotr Stegny, Turkey’s former deputy foreign minister Ertugrul Apakan, Turkish Ambassador to Moscow Aidyn Sezgin, President of Global ...


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