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Changing Roles: Why Countries of Middle East May be Future’s Best-Suited Mediators?

... cooperation with Russia and China, the two other centers of today’s world. Moscow views such approach as pragmatic and conducive to fostering dialog. Andrey Kortunov: Restoration, Reformation, Revolution? Blueprints for the World Order after the Russia-Ukraine conflict Russia and Turkey, for instance, have pragmatic and mutually respectful relations, which has recently allowed the two states to successfully overcome several crises in spite of their differences (Su-24 downed in Syria in 2015, the confrontation ...


Russia-Ukraine, India-Pakistan: Two Existential Conflicts in Eurasia

... This does not, however, exclude a possible constructive role of external actors in mediating or facilitating a peaceful settlement. Plausible Solutions Andrey Kortunov: Restoration, Reformation, Revolution? Blueprints for the World Order after the Russia-Ukraine conflict What does this mean for the future of India–Pakistan and RussiaUkraine relations? Today nobody can say with any confidence when and how the Russian military operation in Ukraine will end and what kind of a peace arrangement the two ...


Putin has proclaimed a new national idea for Russia as it abandons the dream of a Greater Europe

... Russia is de facto emerging. As to a Greater Russia, this requires more than a leader’s imagination. The Soviet Union, as the living generations remember it, was very much the product of the Great Patriotic War. The hybrid war with the West, of which Ukraine is only a small part, will doubtless reshape Russia. The question is, will it also transform it to fit the vision of a powerful economy and a vibrant society, faithful to its declared values – the substance, rather than the form of a Greater Russia. Source: RT


Cuban Missile Crisis 2.0 Over Ukraine?

... possibility of a nuclear conflict between Moscow and Washington. This issue has become even more acute in recent days when senior officials of the U.S. administration began sending us direct signals warning against the use of nuclear weapons in the Russian special military operation in Ukraine. Moreover, threats against us have started to be heard from the official establishment. Princeton University has even made predictions that millions of Americans and Russians would perish in the exchange of nuclear strikes . Sometimes it feels ...


25 trends in contemporary international relations and world development

... legal order. The former ideological antagonism of capitalism-communism is being replaced by another, democracy-authoritarianism, which is also designed to prolong Western dominance. As the non-Western world's response to Western sanctions pressure on Russia over the Ukraine crisis shows, this time we can judge the West's self-isolation and the marginalization of Euro-Atlantic politics to a regional level, ceasing to be global (in contrast to how it was in both World Wars and the Cold War). 5. Forming the basis for ...


U.S. Risks Becoming Combatant in Ukraine Special Military Operation

Washington is not interested in establishing peace and tranquility in Ukraine Hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin ushered in a new phase to the ongoing special military operation in Ukraine with a partial nationwide military mobilization, his longtime top diplomat, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, spoke with Newsweek Senior Foreign ...


Constructing Security: Why Agreement on the Zaporozhye NPP Is So Necessary?

... from all the territories taken over during the special military operation but also a restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity within the 1991 borders , including in Donbass and in Crimea. Andrey Kortunov: Three Scenarios for the End of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict Meanwhile, leaks of the latest one-and-a-half-hour phone conversation between Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz suggest that the Kremlin is not going to make any concessions in the near future either....


Six months into the conflict, what exactly does Russia hope to achieve in Ukraine?

... control – or face the consequences. Kiev refused, and hostilities began. Russia’s official reason for unleashing force was defending the two newly recognized republics which had asked for military assistance. Shortly after the start of hostilities Russia and Ukraine began peace talks. In late March 2022 at a meeting in Istanbul, Moscow demanded that Zelensky’s government recognize the sovereignty of the two Donbass republics within their constitutional borders, as well as Russia’s own sovereignty over ...


The OSCE, Ukraine, and peace process

... and support the implementation of concluded agreements. The implementing role of the OSCE was evident after, in July 2014, it followed the appeal of the foreign ministers of the Normandy group to deploy the OSCE observers on the Russian side of the Russia-Ukraine border by establishing the OSCE Observer Mission at the Russian Checkpoints Gukovo and Donetsk. 11 Following the Geneva meeting, the United States maintained relatively low profile, with the exception of a short period in 2017–2019 when its ...


RIAC and Oxford Process Second Expert Round Table

... Experts’ presentations drew upon proven international experience and precedents for resolving territorial disputes in international conflicts. The following issues of territorial integrity in the conflict between the two countries were discussed: Ukraine's red lines in territorial matters; territorial goals of Russia; the role and the possibility of introducing international administration in disputed territories; the possibility of holding a referendum in the disputed territories and its consequences. Like the first event, the second expert round table was ...


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