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Comparing The Contours of Russia’s Ummah Pivot in Syria & Afghanistan

The Ummah Pivot Russia’s 21st-century grand strategy can be described as its leadership’s aspiration to make their country the supreme balancing force in Eurasia. To this end, it aims to have equally excellent relations with all the supercontinent’s many parties through a creative combination of outreaches, with a priority focus being on expanding ties with non-traditional partners. Russia cannot become disproportionately dependent on the East (China) or West (EU), hence why it’s recently taken to...


Post COVID-19 Strategic South Asia

... disrupt the global food supply chains and could have grave consequences for the rest of the planet. Nuclear deterrence is considered a stabilizing force that helps prevent wars between rival states. In the classical Cold War model, the U.S. and the former USSR successfully averted wars due to the fear of mutually assured destruction (MAD). In the South Asian context, strategies to seek space for limited war under nuclear overhang and escalation dominance will implicate the strategic landscape. The Economic ...


The Nuclear Triad: Alternatives from the Days Gone By

... hopes were put on small air-launched ballistic missiles. The GAM-87 “Skybolt” was designed to become precisely such a missile, allowing B-52 bombers carrying them to strike four targets within a range of up to 2000 km. [3] At the same time, the USSR was designing an air-launched modification of the R-13 (SS-N-4 Sark) SLBM; unlike the U.S., however, where the similar project progressed to the phase of flight trials, the Soviet endeavor remained “on paper” only. [4] To make up for this, the ...


The Turkey-Russia Relationship: Why “Compartmentalization” and Not Conflict?

... Turkey. Central Asia and Ukraine Central Asia is another theatre of Russian-Turkish competition and has been so since the fall of the Soviet Union. Turkey was the first nation to recognize the independence of Central Asian states that broke away from the USSR, aiding in their development and promoting Turkic identity in states such as Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan. Turkey has also sought to strengthen ties with Central Asian states through the Turkic Council, an institution that includes five ...


A ‘New Cold War’ has already started, but Russia & China are winning against a ‘weakening’ West, says former Kremlin adviser

... was concerned with enemies on more than one front. Now, with Beijing on the side of Moscow, Russia can utilize China as a strategic resource, he went on to say. Secondly, the country is much more prosperous than it was during the latter years of the USSR. And most importantly, the West is significantly less powerful than it was in the past. “But, to win even against a weakening but still powerful West, we need to pursue the right policies, both at home and abroad,” Karaganov warned. He also ...


Ukraine’s Chance for Rational Behaviour

... personally Vladimir Putin’s article attaches such great importance to the common historical experience of Russia and Ukraine because it is important for him personally. But those who were just starting their lives at the time of the collapse of the USSR are hardly likely to see things the same way. To sum up, as long as the aggregate power capabilities of Russia are maintained, our neighbours can expect unpleasant news, writes Valdai Club Programme Director Timofei Bordachev. From the point of view ...


An individual versus countries

... students in Russia and there is nothing surprising in that. However, one particular aspect of her decision to study in Moscow makes the whole difference. She is the daughter of the South African diplomat who started his international career back in the USSR. In spite of full breakup of geopolitical map and change of vectors of country's political development, her father advised his daughter Natasha to study in Russia. His life is a kind of retrospective of relations between two countries – USSR/Russia ...


NATO’s Cypriot Trick

..., depend in large measure on Greek Cypriot co-operation and at least acquiescence. A ‘Guantanamo’6 position is out of the question. Their future therefore must depend on the extent to which we can retain Greek and/or Cypriot goodwill and counter USSR and UAR pressures. There seems little doubt, however, that in the long term, our sovereign rights in the SBA’s will be considered increasingly irksome by the Greek Cypriots and will be regarded as increasingly anachronistic by world public opinion....


June 22

... watching old Soviet films “about the War”. I can’t tell you how many times we must have watched Secret Agent, The Shield and the Sword , the cinematic epic Liberation and the Polish series Four Tank-Men and a Dog that was super-popular in the USSR at the time. My friends and I would “play war” outside (scenes that were probably played out in all of Moscow’s streets at the time), and there was nothing worse than having to be on the side of the “Nazis.” Larisa Smirnova: World War ...


Part II. The Russian Dilemma: Who is to Blame and What Should Be Done? Path Dependence

To read Part I follow the link.Image: 'Soldiers of the Revolution' Vladimir Kholuyev Long-term Path Dependence In the previous part of the article, the “genetic” path dependence and its potential impact on the Russian development trajectory was discussed. Meanwhile, it is also important to analyse another version of the path dependence problem to have a clear understanding of what type of path Russia might have been following. Douglas North, an American economist, co-recipient with Robert Fogel of...


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