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A lot from China-Russia cooperation can be used by other international actors across the world

There is a broad range of issues that can be discussed during this trip Editor's Note: Chinese President Xi Jinping is scheduled to pay a three-day state visit to Russia from March 20 to 22. During his visit to Russia, President Xi will have an in-depth exchange of views with Russian President Vladimir Putin on bilateral relations and major international and regional issues of mutual interest. When Global Times ...


Dilemmas of the World Majority

... the world energy markets and is a major exporter of food and a number of other goods that benefit from stable demand. Behind Russia is China, a fellow permanent member of the UN Security Council, which has solid global influence. In other words, we are ... ... West is significant. We absolutely do not know how the countries of the World Majority would behave in conditions where the USA and Europe launched an offensive against a weaker adversary: for example, against Iran or another country of a comparable ...


Russia-NATO International Expert Dialog Meeting on the U.S. and Russia Nuclear Weapons Modernization Issues

On March 16, 2023, a regular online international expert dialog on Russia-NATO relations was held, bringing together experts, former diplomats and military, public leaders from Russia, the USA, and European NATO member-states On March 16, 2023, a regular online international expert dialog on Russia-NATO relations was held, bringing together experts, former diplomats and military, public leaders from Russia, the USA, and European NATO ...


This Distant Damascus

... Peace”. Syria is still a hotbed of terrorism. The posing extremist threat reached its peak in 2015, when ISIS (outlawed in the Russian Federation) seized numerous major cities. Although the organization’s main forces have been defeated, there are still ... ... terrorists in Syria and Iraq, not counting the present representatives from other organizations. Additionally, there are thousands of terrorists in Syrian prisons (including those controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces), which are becoming breeding ...


Should We Claim We Truly Understand International Politics?

... However, this approach causes concern in principle, since moving forward while looking behind you is liable to lead to a fall. Russia is also in search of a state where it can feel self-worth, and the conflict with the West is, in addition to eliminating ... ... that now history is developing rapidly – in fact, it has stopped, and its millstones continue to idle, grinding tens of thousands of human lives. Source: Valdai. Discussion club


Sanctions on the Anniversary of the Special Operation in Ukraine

... who continued to use US currency. The financial window to the outside world is closing more and more tightly. The expansion of export controls on electronics, industrial goods, equipment and other items will hit opportunities for parallel imports to Russia. This is especially true for goods from the USA or with American components. Bypassing export controls is a criminal offense in most initiating countries. The United States has the richest experience in prosecuting violators, which is also used in relation to Russia . Any participant in the supply ...


Twelve Years into Syrian Conflict

... must understand that it is impossible to reach a resolution on the political track without mutual concessions For the past year or two, the situation in Syria has retreated into the shadow of global crises, all exacerbated by the standoff between Russia and the West over Ukraine. The recent tragedy that befell Turkey and the five provinces in the neighboring Syria has once again drawn the attention of the international community not only to the loss of thousands of lives and colossal destruction but also to the extent to which these natural disasters may affect the prospects of national reconciliation in Syria and rapprochement between these two nations with a complex history of relations. While being ...


International Information Security in US-Russian Bilateral Relations

... project called to normalize U.S.-Russian relations in cyberspace, which included an exchange of “guarantees of non-interference in domestic affairs, such as election campaigns, using the ICT leverage.” The initiative followed a growing number of accusations by various U.S. political forces that Russia had deliberately interfered in the U.S. elections. Moscow has always denied and still denies the very possibility of such interference. The U.S. did not support the proposal, but Russia’s efforts bore fruit later. During the meeting of Putin ...


Political Philosophy: An Attribute of a Superpower

... many other players, they proceed from the risk of worst-case scenarios and prepare for them, accumulating resources for mutual deterrence. However, political philosophy allows you to maintain the global legitimacy of your influence or to claim it. Does Russia have its own political philosophy? The answer so far is rather negative. Russia has returned in its foreign policy to the principles of realism, which was already an achievement for its time. But it is too early to talk about a systemic and deeply ...


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