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RIAC at University Consortium's 2nd Annual Conference

On October 5–6, University Consortium and Kennan Institute in partnership with Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) hold an international conference "Analyzing ... ... International Order: Russian, American and European Perspectives" in Washington DC, USA. On October 5–6, University Consortium and Kennan Institute in partnership... ... Council (RIAC) is represented by Director General Andrey Kortunov and Maria Smekalova, Cybersecurity Program Coordinator.


How to Tame the Cyber Beast?

... countries, are working towards joint cyber expert groups (i.e. recent Internet of Things cybersecurity group between Nokia, AT&T and others) which will be able to exploit existing... ... response involved hacking back. While the concept is more common and debated now in the USA it has the potential to become more widespread among other countries in the coming... .... Yet the overruling understanding of each other’s helplessness is also sobering. Russia and the US have been alienating each other since 2014. With Trump’s ascension...


Russian Hackers Discussed at Valdai Club

... expert discussion on "Interference in the Elections and Future Relations between Russia and the West". On August 14, 2017, Valdai Discussion Club hosted an expert... ... by Pavel Sharikov , Director of the Center for Applied Research of the Institute of USA and Canada Studies of the RAS, RIAC expert, was presented at the event. Oleg Demidov... ... Russia and European countries. Russian and American experts in Russia-U.S. relations and cybersecurity took part in the event. Maria Smekalova , coordinator of project on cybersecurity...


The U.S. Building up its Cyber Power

... while it is impossible to identify the source of the threat, it is likely that the accusation for the attack will be made without any evidence, on the basis of assumptions... ... conjuncture. There are many examples of the kind, including recent charges against Russia on hacking the U.S. Democratic Party servers, no substantial evidence having... ... been produced. RIAC and EWI Policy Brief “Suggestions on Russia-U.S. Cooperation in Cybersecurity” The U.S. Cyber Weapons – History and Modernity The funding for activity...


Open Letter to President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin

Authors: Des Browne, Wolfgang Ischinger, Igor S. Ivanov, Sam Nunn Dear President Putin and President Trump, The chasm between Russia and the West appears to be wider now than at any point since the Cold War. In the absence of new initiatives, the knot of distrust is being tightened, choking off the ability of governments to discuss, let alone advance, steps essential for improving ...


Suggestions on Russia-U.S. Cooperation in Cybersecurity

RIAC and EWI Policy Brief The current state of Russia–U.S. relations is marked by a high level of distrust. Tensions have been escalating for three years, both countries have imposed economic sanctions, disseminated propaganda, and exchanged accusations. The situation is unpredictable, the escalation may continue and destabilize the whole international system. The deterioration has touched all issues of Russia–U.S. relations, including cybersecurity. Cooperation on cybersecurity is a relatively new problem, and probably has never been among the most prioritized, along with many other issues, including terrorism, Ukraine, Syria, economic sanctions, and many others. While Russia and the ...


A Roadmap for U.S.-Russia Relations

... That is the common thread running through the papers that this august group of experts have put together on the future of U.S.-Russia relations. In an atmosphere of geopolitical tension and mutual distrust, not only must the United States and Russia work ... ... several crucial regions and fields: economics, energy, the Arctic, Euro-Atlantic security, the Middle East, strategic stability, cybersecurity, and countering terrorism and extremism. They offer concrete, actionable recommendations in each area. Economic ...


Missile defense cooperation between Moscow and Washington is highly unlikely at the current state of bilateral relations

Russia has repeatedly expressed concern over the creation of a ballistic missile defense system in Europe, approved in 2010 during ... ... 2001 then-US President George Bush decided to withdraw from the agreement. Russia Proposes Consultations With Washington on Cybersecurity Moscow has proposed to hold joint expert consultations with Washington on cybersecurity issues, Ryabkov added. "We ...


War Games Redux? Cyberthreats, US–Russian Strategic Stability, and New Challenges for Nuclear Security and Arms Control

On September 20, 2016 Russian International Affairs Council holds a seminar with participation of Associate Professor of International Politics at the ... ... has become disturbingly real. While this challenge will impact all nuclear-armed states, it appears particularly acute for the USA and Russia given their large, diverse, and highly alerted nuclear forces. The fact that east–west relations have deteriorated ...


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