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RIAC and Kennan Institute Leaders Discuss the Roles of the United States and Russia in the Future System of Global Security

... assistance of the international research project Cooperative Security Initiative, Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General, and Matthew Rojansky, Director of the Wilson Center Kennan Institute, held an online discussion on the role of the United States and Russia in the future system of global security On March 14, with the assistance of the international research project Cooperative Security Initiative , Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General, and Matthew Rojansky, Director of the Wilson Center Kennan ...


Flynn Revelations Prove Russiagate Was a Regime Change Coup

... Trump was inaugurated.  The planning included instructions to put him at ease, by not advising him he could have an attorney present; by not informing him he was a target of investigation; and by not revealing they had a transcript of his call with Russian Ambassador Kisylak, which they used in shaping the questions designed to catch him in a lie.  The documents also reveal that the initial 302 Report filed after the meeting disappeared, and was replaced by a version doctored by both Strzok and ...


Illusions of a New Bipolarity

... assume the role of leader. And let us not forget that the two countries pursue strategies that do not always coincide: the military and political standoff between China and the United States is largely focused in the South China and East China seas, thousands of miles away from Russia. Russia does not have any interests in that region. Yet it is precisely here that China's most vulnerable geopolitical sore spots are located (Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Paracel and the Spratly Islands). Russia has a zone of strategic tension of ...


Ambassador Anatoly Antonov's Open Letter

... served the substantive part of their jail sentences. We are again calling upon the U.S. authorities to demonstrate mercy and good will. Free the Russian citizens. Their life and health are under the threat. Anatoly I.Antonov Source: Facebook Embassy of Russia in the USA


About the Wise Monkey Who Came Down from the Mountain

... the tigers, and one that could even affect the outcome of their altercation. We should stress here that we are not talking about a monkey in the traditional Russian understanding of the word—the “monkey prankster” from Ivan Krylov’s tale. In Russia, the monkey is seen as a weak and reckless creature, somewhat of a clown, impulsive and unpredictable behaviour with a penchant for tomfoolery and mockery. Ivan Timofeev: Missouri vs. China: Toward a New Crusade? The Chinese image of the monkey, however, is quite different, and this is the image to which Mao Zedong quite obviously appealed. In the Chinese tradition, not only does the monkey personify resourcefulness and cunning, but it is also praised ...


Why Did It Happen? On the Issue of China’s ‘Guilt’ for the Coronavirus Pandemic

... going on since the 1960s, was blown away by the wind. China, however, is trying to provide its own answers, hinting that the US Army could have hypothetically brought the virus into China, or that theres the possibly it was imported. The line of accusation against the PRC is based on the selective criticism of events from the sequence of actions and decisions taken by the Chinese leadership at the early stage of the epidemic, cherry-picking certain facts while hushing up others. The result yields ...


Putin's Proposal for Constitutional Update

In his State of the Union address on January 15, Russian President Vladimir Putin outlined his proposals for overhauling the Russian constitution. Western media has unanimously reported that Putin’s proposals present an opportunity for Putin to retain his grip on power, but the aim of this article ...


Keeping Peace in the Nuclear Age

Why Washington and Moscow Must Extend the New START Treaty Ten years ago, the United States and Russia signed the New START treaty—a nuclear arms control agreement that we, as the heads of our governments’ respective delegations, helped negotiate. Since then, New START has played a central role in keeping the peace and preventing a dangerous ...


How would Germany and Russia position themselves in the event of a Sino-American war?

... against China in the Pacific. Despite current moods between the United States and Russia, Trump still seems to hope to get Russia on his side or neutral in the upcoming conflicts with Iran and China. There are actually only two possible options for Russia: Go to war against the USA together with China, maybe even using the US focus on the Pacific for changes in Europe or staying neutral and being the laughing third party. But very unlikely that Putin will go with the USA to war against China. An interesting detail is that Trump ...


Why Russia Sent Humanitarian Aid to the US and Why That's a Good Thing

... knows no borders, expresses no predilection, and holds no political or national affiliations. COVID-19 has changed every fabric of our society. It’s changed the way we do business, the way we interact with loved ones, and it might change the course of Russia-U.S. relations. That’s because a few weeks ago, Russia did something that was quite remarkable. It sent over a planeload of humanitarian aid to help the United States, who has by all metrics been hit especially hard by this pandemic. More than ...


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