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Trump's Season Finale

... American political system is ostensibly the most fundamental cause of this discontent. Igor Ivanov: Why Should We Be Grateful to Donald Trump? As Harvard's illustrious Michael Porter has pointed out , the two parties might seem like bitter rivals, they ... ... opportunities to vote, as some states have more days and fewer barriers to voting than others. It also leads to misguided accusations of voter fraud based on citizens misunderstanding the election process in states different from their own. There is no ...


The EU Will Not Break Free from America’s Amiable Stranglehold

... Alcaro Riccardo. Three stories from USA 2020 // Istituto Affari Internazionali. 09.11.2020. Araud Gérard. La victoire de Donald Trump. S'ils ont perdu la Maison-Blanche, les républicains sortent renforcés des élections et Donald Trump n'abandonnera sans doute pas ses ambitions // Le Point. 08.11.2020.


Trump — A Non-Consecutive Second Term President

... Wisconsin that require further investigation, as well as the legality of late mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania, and more ballots counted than registered voters in some Georgia counties. Biden will not have a mandate to govern with what will be lingering accusations that Trump was cheated out of the presidency and the very likelihood of a disruptive level of disenchantment until there is a sense that all ballots counted were legal. For the many millions of Americans feeling they lost when Donald Trump was not re-elected, one has to be simply reminded of the many achievements over the last four years when Trump won the presidency over the GOP establishment candidates and what would have been a misfortune for conservatives if Clinton selected ...


Where the 2020 Presidential Candidates Stand on Russia

... sort of charm when it comes to building relations with other countries, it’s unlikely that he’ll carry with him that charm to build better relations with Russia beyond extending the New START Treaty. Biden is the most likely candidate to unseat Donald Trump, which means that Russia-U.S. relations are likely to continue being hostile, confrontational, and counterproductive. Donald Trump Andrey Kortunov: US Will Remain a Difficult Partner America's reigning champion and current president is quite ...


Choice without a Choice

Variables and constants of Russia–U.S. relations On November 3, the U.S. presidential elections are to take place. Both the USA and the world will be closely monitoring the event. Whatever some may say about “the decline of the U.S.,” America remains ... ... be governing America from the Oval Office in the White House for the next four years? Is it going to be Republican incumbent Donald Trump or Democratic challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden? Even today, when the campaign is in the homestretch, few ...


US Will Remain a Difficult Partner

... scapegoat; making Beijing responsible for COVID-19 was like pouring oil on already burning US-China fire. Can we expect a radical shift of the US approach to China after the November elections? Unfortunately, this is not very likely. If Joe Biden replaces Donald Trump in the White House, there will be a clear change in US foreign policy style and rhetoric, but much less in its fundamental goals and aspirations. President Biden might be more inclined to reach tactical truces with Beijing and more reluctant ...


President Joe Biden and Russia

... what happens at the polling stations on November 3 as perhaps the main intrigue of this year. People across the world are captivated by the vicissitudes of the election campaign, the endless opinion polls and periodic scandals surrounding President Donald Trump and his rival Joseph Biden. The stakes in this fascinating political game are incredibly high, not only for citizens of the United States, but also for the rest of the world. Germany, Canada, China and Mexico clearly favour the Democratic ...


The Changing and Unchanged Face of American Racism

... Trump” Ilya Kravchenko: Racism in American Big League Politics This starkly pithy phrase uttered during the 2016 presidential campaign belongs to Nell Irvin Painter, an African American Professor of History at Princeton. It clearly defines the Donald Trump phenomenon and perhaps even Trumpism as an ideology of our time that is primarily a “product of racism and a reaction to the exacerbated race relations in today’s American society.” Throughout his entire presidential tenure, the 45 ...


Will the Trump Administration Fight the Coronavirus or China?

... of Staff John Kelly, and former adviser Steve Bannon. But the ultimate target of this campaign is not Putin and Xi — it is Donald Trump, as his presidency is viewed by leading British/City of London officials, and their U.S. allies in the Bush-Obama ... ....S. is investigating whether this may have been a mistake, or deliberate! Ivan Timofeev: Missouri vs. China: Toward a New Crusade? Clearly Trump had not been briefed on the devastating blow to Ferguson's polemic from Dr. Daniel A. Bell, Dean of the ...


The Sino-American COVID-19 Narrative Confrontation

It’s not an ideological war, but rather a soft power battle There has been a blame game between Washington and Beijing regarding the source of the COVID-19. As stated by the Guardian and China Daily , President Donald Trump and other American officials, have labelled Covid-19 the “Chinese virus” or the “Wuhan Virus” . One White House official is reported to have also labelled the virus the “Kung Flu”. The Republican senator Tom Cotton questioned ...


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