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Diplomacy vs Brinkmanship

... well as threats to send more American and NATO troops to Eastern Europe. By doing that, the West doubles down on its initial refusal to accommodate Russian demands to stop the “military cultivation” of Ukraine and amassing NATO infrastructure on the ... ... “credibility of deterrence”, something that the parties are so willing to demonstrate to the other side, may turn from a buttress of diplomacy to its kiss of death.


Russia’s foreign policy performance in 2021

... Orthodoxy experienced its first geopolitical schism in history. The situation is getting worse. This schism is expanding. Perhaps, diplomacy could help the churches not to further destroy this common tradition and history and look for compromise and find them ... ... Ukraine. There is no ban on arms supplies to Ukraine. But foreign military personnel are there, and in large quantities. Not thousands (as some mistakenly claim sometimes), but there are several hundred American, British and other military advisors there....


Geneva Meeting: A World in Waiting

It is unlikely that we will see any breakthroughs at the upcoming Putin-Biden summit—but despite all the difficulties, there are still signs for optimism Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin have known each other for a long time—decades, in fact. This, however, made it no easier for them to agree to the meeting scheduled for June 16 in Geneva. The U.S.–Russia relations have seen a steady decline over the past few years, with all but few official contacts being suspended and the sides regularly trading...


Optimistic about the meeting between Russian and American Foreign Ministers

A meeting between the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and the U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken was held on 19 May 2021. It was the first high-level interaction between the U.S. and Russia since President Joe Biden took office, which comes amidst heightened tensions between the former Cold War adversaries. The geopolitics was worsening rapidly, and the danger of a third World War has increased tremendously.Source: TASS The situation in the Middle East, the Iran-U.S. tensions, the China-U...


Will Geneva Be Any Different Than Helsinki?

... on specific issues, collaboration between the two countries’ private sectors and civil society perks up, the media gradually soften their rhetoric, bilateral projects in culture, education and science are gradually resumed. Igor Ivanov: Time for Diplomacy Still, there are annoying exceptions to this general rule. In particular, the latest full-fledged Russia–U.S. summit in Helsinki in July 2018 failed to trigger improvements in bilateral relations. On the contrary, Donald Trump’s meeting ...


Steering Russia-US Relations Away from Diplomatic Expulsion Rocks

... discipline its European allies and to cement the transatlantic partnership. For many European NATO members, expulsions of diplomats are a symbolic gesture demonstrating their firm support of the US and its anti-Russian policies. Michael Andreson: Removed Diplomacy: Why U.S. Sanctions Against Russia Have Gone Stale Clear enough, such a practice will not be limited to Russia only. Today hundreds, if not thousands of diplomatic officers all around the world find themselves hostage to problems they have nothing to do with. Western decision-makers seem to consider hosting foreign diplomats not as something natural and uncontroversial but rather as a sort of ...


Russia and Europe: the Current Impasse and the Way Out

... remained of the relationship. The Navalny poisoning in August 2020, his dispatch to Germany for treatment, Germany’s public accusation that Russia had used a nerve agent to try to kill the opposition activist, Navalny’s return to Moscow from Berlin in ... ... foreign policy chief Josep Borrell undertook his trip with the specific purpose of gaining first-hand experience with Moscow diplomacy ahead of the EU’s Russia policy review set for March 2021. The current policy, which is based on the five principles ...


Thirteen Points on Joe Biden and Russia

... rogue state. To cut the costs of dual containment, Biden will try to mobilize the US’ Western allies in Europe and in East Asia. It will also try to keep Eurasia divided by forging stronger ties to Chines adversaries in Asia—above all, to India. 12. Diplomacy Biden may decide to stop the ongoing “diplomatic war” with Russia—he arguably values professional diplomacy much more than Trump did, and he is not likely to keep the Russian Embassy in Washington (and the US Embassy in Moscow) in the ...


Mistrust between Russia and the United States Has Reached an All-Time High

... century failed to prevent many conflicts and wars, and that is true. But it also helped prevent far graver consequences and, where possible, even led to the signing of important mutually acceptable agreements (New START, etc.). The experience of global diplomacy tells us that the only way to find solutions is through dialogue. The sooner our leading politicians realize it, the faster we will step away from mutual public accusations and destructive information wars waged with cutting-edge technologies and move towards earnest talks on the crucial issues of the 21 st -century agenda. Giving general advice is easy. It is even easier to take the high horse, insisting on staying ...


Inter-Parliamentary Dialogue: Added Value or Merely a Substitute for Traditional Diplomacy?

... fundamental freedoms. The goals of both Assemblies are in the best possible way consistent with the mission of parliamentary diplomacy if it is conceived in terms of strengthening trust and mutual understanding between nation-states. It would seem that ... ... “safeguards of order” and its “violators” simply change their places, and the discussion is reduced to an exchange of mutual accusations. The goals of inter-parliamentary platforms are undermined. The assemblies find themselves in crisis, dialogue does not ...


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