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Time for Diplomacy

... the tangled knot of international problems. We thus need to prepare ourselves for long and difficult negotiations. Launching this most difficult of mechanisms should be our key priority right now. Perhaps the best way to do this, as President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has suggested, would be to organize a meeting of the leaders of the UN Security Council permanent members as soon as possible. If such a meeting happens, its participants will need to acknowledge that the world is approaching the proverbial “point of no return”, conceding that a global war knows no winners. As soon ...


Unwanted Ally? Russia and the Future of the Anti-Terrorist Coalition

... consolidation of NATO and the EU around the British position make this trend even stronger. New provocations can happen anywhere. They may lead to Russia’s marginalization, the destruction of its reputation and new attempts to erode its role in the UN Security Council. The attempts to dismiss Russia from the global anti-terrorist coalition are strengthening the positions of Western Russophobes. They also consolidate the positions of extremists of all shades. The price that will have to be paid for this in the future will be hundreds of victims ...


Why did Russia Intervene in the Syrian War?

... are often planned, funded and instigated from abroad. Second, the intentions and commitments of the West should not be trusted; the West can easily ‘sell out’ its longtime allies and friends in the region (e.g. Mubarak in Egypt); even a UN Security Council resolution can be violated or interpreted in a very liberal way. Third, if Russia remains an idle bystander watching the Middle East turmoil from the sideline, the chaos, instability, and terrorism generated in the Middle East will ultimately spill over Russia’s borders. The practical application of this new approach was ...


Ban Ki-Moon and the charade of transparency

UN propagandists claim that the selection process to name the next secretary general, who will take office before the inauguration of the next U.S. president, will be the most transparent in the history of the organization, which was founded in 1945. But on close examination, the security council recommends a new secretary general based on "a private meeting." This means that the politics and diplomacy that determine who becomes the next leader of the institution, and the roles of NGOs...


French Chicanery at the United Nations

With the 70th anniversary of the United Nations celebrated this fall, France has made a big splash by proposing limiting the right of veto exercised by the permanent members of the UN Security Council, i.e. by Russia, China, United Kingdom, the United States and France. But these ostensibly good intentions of preventing crimes against humanity appear to be an attempt to pave the way for a UNSC blessing of unrestricted enforcement through military force. A debate ...


BRICS: Union of Reformers and National Interests

... global level) : The general financial structures of the BRICS countries guarantee stability against the background of increasing instability. Given their political and economic positions, India and Brazil do not feel that the current structure of the UN Security Council adequately reflects contemporary reality. Their concern stems from the fact that they must rely on Russia and China to represent the interests of the BRICS countries at the Security Council. China does not want to grant India equal status and has suggested alternative methods for expanding the Security Council without giving new members the right to ...


UN Syria Resolution – Proof of Russian Diplomats’ Professionalism

... Centre for Arabic and Islamic Studies, talks about whether the resolution approved was in line with the Russian interests and prospects for settlement in Syria, and what changes we can expect in Iran under its new leader. What do you think about the UN Security Council Resolution on Syria? Can it be counted as a Russian diplomatic triumph? The resolution on Syria has indeed showcased Russian diplomats’ professionalism. It is also a victory for all those who want to see the military threat level reduced. Both Russia and the US have demonstrated readiness ...


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