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The Impact of Sanctions on Human Rights

... them of their privileges and immunities as international officials and constitutes a violation of the right to a fair trial (Article 14 of ICCPR), the right to liberty of movement (Article 12 of ICCPR) and the right to the protection of the law against unlawful interference with their private and family life (Article 12 of ICCPR). Ivan Timofeev: USA vs. the International Criminal Court The part in the executive order about the possibility of imposing sanctions against those who have aided ICC officials is a violation of the rights of human rights defenders and human rights organizations. And,...


Post-COVID-19 Sanctions Policies

... mentioned earlier, massive blocking sanctions were imposed only once, on April 6, 2018, when, under pressure from Congress and amid a scandal focusing on Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 US elections, a number of major Russian companies (Rusal, En+, EuroSibEnergo and others), as well as a number of businesspeople from the earlier Kremlin list came under sanctions [ lx ]. However, the premature nature of such a step was clear, since a number of blocked firms were closely integrated with the global economy and were systemic global companies. Later, some of them saw the sanctions lifted (conditional ...


The Global Value Shift: Adjusting the Institutional Framework

... civilization over for speeding. – Stephen Wright A civilization is built on what is required of men, not on that which is provided to them – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry One of the dimensions in the reform of global governance and the role of the United Nations is a rebalancing of global development priorities towards human capital development. Perhaps one of the key lessons from the current crisis is that finance is not the sole prerogative of global governance, and that the center of gravity ...


The political striptease we are observing against the background of the coronavirus pandemic is not very attractive and makes you want to look away

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov’s interview with the International Life magazine, April 17, 2020 Question: Mr Ryabkov, let’s start with the most urgent issue – the coronavirus. Today, the United States is the anti-rating leader in the number of confirmed cases and deaths. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has been complaining about the actions of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and decided to suspend its funding. What would you ...


Akihiko Tanaka: Trump Has Come to Recognise the Importance of the US-Japan Alliance System

... reflected on the 60th anniversary of the US-Japan Security Treaty, what President Trump's 'getting tough' stance means for the world and why Japan is open to cooperation with third parties in Africa On February 7, 2020, the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) hosted Professor Tanaka Akihiko, President of the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), for a round table on the topic “International Politics in East Asia and Japan. Prospects for Russia — Japan Cooperation”. In ...


The Answer to West Asia’s Recurring Wars Is Greater Regional Security Dialogue and Ownership

West Asia suffers from a regional systems failure in the absence of a sufficiently inclusive and viable regional security framework capable of preventing and defusing conflict The latest crisis in West Asia only underscores the international imperative and the region’s own conspicuous responsibility to find immediate and long-term solutions to the wicked security dilemmas of that theatre to stanch the recurring cycle of violence and conflict. Already tense ...


UN Headquaters: Is It Worth Trying to Move a Cemetery?

First, it is too expensive; second, it is technically highly complicated; and, third, no active resident support is likely Since I once worked at the Soviet UN mission on East 67 th Street in Manhattan, I know that not all New Yorkers are happy to have the UN Headquarters in their city. Of course, this institution promotes local patriotism, being yet another argument in the endless discussion on what city ...


World at a Crossroads and a System of International Relations for the Future

... North Korea or Syria? Sanctions directly strike at ordinary people and their well-being and violate their social and economic rights. How does the bombing of sovereign nations, the deliberate policy of destroying their statehood leading to the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives and condemning millions of Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians and representatives of other peoples to innumerable suffering add up to the imperative of protecting human rights? The reckless Arab Spring gamble destroyed the unique ethnic and religious ...


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