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Securely knotting Indo-Russian ties

... has been committed to acquiring S-400 missile systems from Russia, much to the United States’ displeasure. Last month, Lloyd Austin, the US Defense Secretary, visited India to discuss the $5.5 billion deal for the acquisition of missile systems from Russia. The 2017 Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) is, in fact, still there, waiting for someone to walk in its trap. In December, Lavrov clearly stated how India was part of a massive and aggressive campaign by the West. New Delhi would ...


Time to Create a Single Negotiating Cyber Forum under the UN General Assembly First Committee

... breaches of international law and agreed norms as well as failure to accept that International Humanitarian Law is also applicable to cyberspace is especially disappointing. Still, we should recognize that the recent agreement through negotiations of the UN Open Ended Working Group is a positive step forward, in spite of the global trend towards escalating tensions, especially those between Russia, China and the U.S. We have two negotiating platforms, the GGE and the OEWG. What do you think about such co-existence? We appreciate the history and the genesis of these two parallel processes, however, I should say it is now time that we combined ...


Sino-Russian Relations Are Still Not an Alliance, but They Are More Than Partnership

... joint statement by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov opposed politicization and double standards on human rights issues. How can China and Russia join hands to counter the West, e.g. via the UN Human Rights Council? Russia and China have a good and solid experience of cooperation at the UN Security Council. However, more domains should be explored and UNHRC is one of them. Human rights is an important global issue and both countries should address it via the UN. ...


Broad Cyber-Consensus

... the OEWG, whose mandate for 2021–2025 has been adopted. Success or failure of future negotiations in the OEWG will depend on three main components. First, the relations between the key players will define how productive the talks actually are. While Russia and the United States may have managed to put their differences aside in order to reach a consensus on the report, the differences themselves have not gone anywhere. The sides still bang heads over such issues as attribution in cyberspace, the possibility of ...


Opening remarks at the Dialogue for the Future Forum

... all. Things that are happening with the abuse of the role of the dollar are of concern not only to the countries on which the United States is imposing illegal sanctions, thus distorting its role as an issuer of one of the main currencies, but other countries as well. Not only Russia, China, Iran, and the SCO member states want to switch to mechanisms that will rely on national currencies in trade and investment settlements. Europe is beginning to ponder, especially given the fairly strong position of the euro, moving away ...


The Future of Humanitarian Aid Delivery to Syria: What is Russia’s Rationale?

... repeatedly stated that Damascus is ready for constructive dialog with humanitarians, including on the topic of cross-line delivery within the country. Given that the only remaining border-crossing Bab al-Hawa will be functional just for one year, the UN, together with Russia, Turkey, the U.S. and Europe, should start discussions on ways to deliver humanitarian aid once the crossing is no longer functional. Elena Dovgan: The Impact of Sanctions on Human Rights It seems that Moscow is going to push for closer engagement ...


Post-COVID-19 Sanctions Policies

... mezhdunarodnye mekhanizmy sanktsionnogo vozdeistviya//Politika sanktsii, tseli, strategii, instrumenty: khrestomatiya” / [ed. I.N.Timofeev, V.A.Morozov, Yu.S.Timofeeva]; Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC). Moscow, NP RSMD, 2000. P. 75. xiv . Barabanov Oleg, Bordachev Timofei, Lissovolik Yaroslav, Luk’yanov Fyodor, Sushentsov Andrey, Timofeev Ivan. Living in a Crumbling World Annual Report. Valdai International Discussion Club, 2018....


Patterns of Environmental Negligence: An Opportunity to Rethink Global Governance

... politics unfolds.” Cooperation between countries on environmental matters exists outside of international summits and forums, and it would be essential for countries to make it more apparent in the coming years. For instance, it appears that the European Union and Russia have been cooperating on a bilateral level on environmental questions since 1995 . Since this period, and in addition to cooperation in the framework of conventions and UN bodies, the EU has provided support for a variety of projects that intend ...


The Global Value Shift: Adjusting the Institutional Framework

... non-military issues pertaining to international security, including cyber-security, energy security, as well as common response across regions to pandemics. One possible format may involve the EU (covering France and, only to a degree, the UK), BRICS (Russia, China) and the North American USMCA alliance. This framework effectively involves most of the G20 countries into discussions on global security issues. The next step may involve an extension in the coverage of the regional platform to include other regional blocks (BRICS+, as well as possibly TPP and other mega-blocs). In the longer term the representation ...


The political striptease we are observing against the background of the coronavirus pandemic is not very attractive and makes you want to look away

... decade-long disinformation campaign in healthcare which allegedly sowed panic in the US and contributed to the spread of fatal diseases. The newspaper also wrote about Russian disinformation, RT and so on. In fact, to go back to the beginning, it has accused Russia of undermining the US healthcare system. Sergey Ryabkov: This is absolutely predictable and expected. We believe such tunes will continue to be performed in various interpretations. It is not a matter of the New York Times or the US media generally. The ...


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