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Shanghai Institute for International Studies and The Belfer Center Second International Expert Forum

On April 29, 2022, Shanghai Institute for International Studies (SIIS), in partnership with The Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University, hosted the second international high-level expert round table, dedicated to the trends in the development of world politics in the context of acute recent crises On April 29, 2022, Shanghai Institute for International Studies (SIIS), in ...


Sino-Russian Relations Are Still Not an Alliance, but They Are More Than Partnership

... essence of a new era. What is the essence of the new era? What is the trajectory of China-Russia relations in face of US hegemony? Global Times reporter Wang Wenwen interviewed Ivan Timofeev, Director of Programs at the Russian International Affairs Council, over these issues. Andrey Kortunov: Growing US Pressure Incentive to Make China-Russia Ties More Diverses What do you think are entailed in the essence of the new era in terms of China-Russia relations? The treaty was a significant landmark ...


How to End the War in Yemen in 2020?

Yemenis themselves have no less rich potential for independent creative activity The Yemen conflict is striking in that the entire global community and all the actors involved have achieved a singularly powerful consensus that there is no future for a solution achieved by force and a political solution is the only option. Since June 2015, this thought has permeated UN documents , speeches ...


Peace at Last for Yemen?

Yemen’s looming humanitarian disaster and its people’s pleas for peace require action on three levels The long-running conflict in Yemen is riper for resolution than ever before. Yemenis on all sides are exhausted by the fighting and were quick to embrace the appeal issued in March by United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres for a global ceasefire amid ...


We Need to Create a More Inclusive System of Global Governance

... certain trust among major powers. The United States and the Soviet Union achieved only minimal trust during the Cold War, but that did allow them to sign historic arms control agreements. In applying this concept to conflicts today, major powers are unlikely to participate in any strategic interaction to fight international terrorism if they are also operating within the framework of a predominantly adversarial major power relationship. Igor Ivanov: Rethinking International Security for a Post-Pandemic World Merging the needs of a new foreign policy track with the limitations derived from the old track will likely be one of the main obstacles to enhancing global and regional governance. Nevertheless, the new ...


The Answer to West Asia’s Recurring Wars Is Greater Regional Security Dialogue and Ownership

West Asia suffers from a regional systems failure in the absence of a sufficiently inclusive and viable regional security framework capable of preventing and defusing conflict The latest crisis in West Asia only underscores the international imperative and the region’s own conspicuous responsibility to find immediate and long-term solutions to the wicked security dilemmas of that theatre to stanch the recurring cycle of violence and conflict. Already tense ...


A Scenario in Syria

What might be a “second option” for Russia in Syria? The situation around Russia in Syria is up for debate. No doubt, Russia would like to lead a reconstruction effort in Syria, in harmony with all relevant partners, including the UN, the EU, the USA, China, India, Turkey, Iran, Israel, the Sunni Arab states including the ...


Russia’s New Foreign Policy Cycle

... Vladimir Putin for another term as president of the Russian Federation in March of this year, Russia is entering a new cycle of foreign and domestic policy. Russia's foreign policy at the moment is particularly fraught; the conflict in Syria, the continued uncertain status of the Donbass region of Ukraine, accusations of cyberwarfare and interference in US elections, and the Skripal poisoning incident in the UK have driven wedges between Russia and many other countries. Stronger sanctions are being imposed ...


Nuclear Weapons Prohibition and International Security

How to move the world away from the brink of a nuclear apocalypse Dmitry Stefanovich: Nuclear-Cybernetic Systems September 20, 2017 was marked by a historic event that took place at the UN General Assembly: the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) was opened for signing. Like the rest of the official and unofficial nuclear powers (as well as a number of their allies), Russia announced in advance that it would not support ...


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