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The World After the Hegemony

... the UN, whose main goal was to preserve the monopoly position of the West. However, this required the appearance of formal signs of justice in the form of international law as well as participation in the highest body of the UN, the Security Council (UNSC), of Russia and China, which are immanently hostile to the interests of the USA and Europe. The institutional form of Western dominance by force has become its final incarnation, and now the main question is whether it is possible to preserve the form following the inevitable ...


Shanghai Institute for International Studies and The Belfer Center Second International Expert Forum

... international crises, preventing nuclear war and ensuring strategic stability in the world. Other multilateral mechanisms at the regional and global level that could be used in crisis management were also touched upon. Leading international researchers from China, the USA, and Russia took part in the round table. Russian side was represented at the event by Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General.


We are at war with the West. The European security order is illegitimate

... country started this war, in fact Russia started it. «I was not for this particular scenario, but it happened. And I support my country. The West committed several aggressions. We are now on the same moral level, we are equal, we are doing more or less like ... ... moral superiority. But we are fighting an existential war». Sanctions are getting tighter. Will Russia become more dependent on China? «There is no question about that: we will be more integrated and more dependent on China. It has positive elements but ...


Time for a Consolidated Russian-Chinese Approach to Modernize and Reform UN

The United Nations is much bigger than its Security Council, all the importance of UNSC notwithstanding When it comes to reforms of the United Nations, it is indispensable for China and Russia, as long-time UN champions and supporters, to take the lead in promoting bottom-up approach to UN reforms. Moscow and Beijing have already accumulated a lot of experience in working together in drafting UN Security Council (UNSC) resolutions, in setting agendas for ...


Sino-Russian Relations Are Still Not an Alliance, but They Are More Than Partnership

... joint statement by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov opposed politicization and double standards on human rights issues. How can China and Russia join hands to counter the West, e.g. via the UN Human Rights Council? Russia and China have a good and solid experience of cooperation at the UN Security Council. However, more domains should be explored and UNHRC is one of them. Human rights is an important global issue and both countries should address it via the UN. What Russia ...


Post-COVID-19 Sanctions Policies

... uses unilateral measures more often than other countries. Sanctions have become one of the most important EU foreign policy tools. Although China and Russia are opposed to unilateral sanctions, they are forced to respond to restrictions from third countries. China has a vast economic potential that makes it possible for it to be active in conducting its policies. Restrictive measures have become one of the key political risks for international businesses. This is especially true of using secondary sanctions ...


Non-Economic Drivers of China’s Peacekeeping Operations in Africa

.... (2003). Perceptions of danger: The China threat theory. Journal of Contemporary China, 12 (35), 265-284. Glaser, C. (2011). Will China's rise lead to war? Why realism does not mean pessimism. Foreign Affairs , 80-91. Mearsheimer, J. J. (2006). China's unpeaceful rise. Current History-New York then Philadelphia -, 105 (690), 160. Scott, J., & Wilkinson, R. (2013). China threat? Evidence from the WTO. Journal of World Trade, 47 (4),761-782. Williams, P. D. (2018). Joining AMISOM: why six African ...


Communication Lines in Diplomacy: Expanding the Possibility Set

... communication and international relations is starting to impact the technology of broader day-to-day communication, in particular the pace of transition of the world economy to 5G, as China’s rising technological capabilities in this area are starting to encounter headwinds from the broader US-China trade dispute. While there is unlikely to be a quick solution to the mounting communication failures, there is clearly a need to re-think the framework of communication in international relations via exploring some of the unused reserves in international ...


Entering 2019: Challenges and Opportunities

... challenge, the world will not be a safe place.  Alexey Portansky: Reforming the WTO is a Long and Complicated Process It would be difficult to single out just one threat looming on the horizon. For instance, one can refer to growing tensions between US and China that might have many profound negative implications for the whole world, including a global recession. The situation in the Middle East region remains quite explosive and we cannot take any further progress in Syria and around it for granted. Neither should we underestimate the ...


The Day the United Nations Ceased to Exist

... being transferred to NATO as the leading, legitimate and most effective military-political alliance of the 21st century. He also called on the NATO countries to increase their defense spending to 5 percent of their respective GNPs and to reintroduce a universal draft in its member-states. Russia and China refused to recognize NATO’s legitimacy as a peacekeeping organization, and even less so to take part in operations under its leadership. By September 15, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping established a bilateral ...


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