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Turkish Stream: Strategy Uniting Ankara And Moscow

... be possible if Nord Stream 2 and only 1 st part of Turkish Stream are constructed though this seems hard to achieve. EU-Russia-Turkey Energy Triangle Igbal Guliyev: Pipe Dreams: Russia at the Gas Flows’ Crossroads There are serious setbacks in EU-Russia energy relations, such as the investigations by the European ... ... containment. Here the signing of the Turkish Stream project with Ankara is a solution. Russia gains new leverage vis-à-vis the European Union by officially incorporating the Turkish Stream into the picture. In that sense, Russia will be able to use Turkish ...


Turkey’s price arbitrage with Gazprom over Turkish Stream

... following Russia’s cancellation of South Stream which became a casualty of Russia-Ukrainian conflict and faced high opposition from the EU with regard to its anti-monopoly laws. The original plan for landfall in the EU (Bulgaria) will now occur in Turkey, while the distribution hub for Europe will be located at the border of Turkey and Greece. Being a strategically important transit point for Russian gas going to Europe and bypassing Ukraine, Turkey tries to increase its bargaining power and engages into price arbitrage with Gazprom: 10.25% discount offered by Gazprom is deemed insufficient and Turkey does not want to receive anything less than15%....


The Tesla gas pipeline: have hopes revived?

... part of the overall package of 300 billion euros to cover the 1.5 to 1.7 billion euros needed to build the 740-km section of the pipeline on Hungarian territory. Hungary’s president Janos Ader stated during his visit to Turkey in March 2015 that Turkey needed to “get a move on” with preparing its plan for financing the Turkish Stream, since “ there are also alternative proposals on the European Union’s table ”. In view of the fact that Gazprom intends to cease supplying gas via Ukraine in 2019 , when its contract with Naftogaz of Ukraine expires, the energy future of the Balkan peninsular countries and South-East Europe is up in the air. The seriousness of Gazprom’s intention to avoid Ukraine in every possible ...


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