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Ukrainian Crisis, Turkey and Eurasia: Who Wins?

... (Switzerland, Finland, Sweden), today can take on such a job. It is unlikely that the post-Soviet countries will cope with it either. Turkey, on the other hand, has sufficient political weight, it is part of the Western security community, and at the same time ... ... are closely monitoring the situation. Robert Quinn Carolan: Neck and Neck: Ankara and Moscow in the New ‘Race for Africa’ Armenia also receives its bonuses from the conflict. Tens of thousands of Russians are moving to Yerevan. We are talking, among ...


Peacekeeping in Nagorno-Karabakh: Perceptions and Impacts on Russia’s Bilateral Relations

... risks go beyond material and personnel stationed in the region. Though large-scale conflict has stopped, this mandate exerts influence outward on Russia’s bilateral relations. While it presents obstacles to Russia’s relations with Azerbaijan and Turkey, it creates stronger ties with Armenia and supports potential cooperation with Western powers as an exception to Russo-Western confrontation. As the West does not view the deployment of peacekeepers to Karabakh as they do other extraterritorial deployments (which are widely considered ...


Complex neighborhood relationship of Azerbaijan and Iran

... Iran is only second to Persian nationalism in the country's social structure. Azerbaijan has maintained friendly relations with Tehran, because it relied on its airspace and territory to supply the Nakhchivan Autonomous Region, which lies between Iran, Armenia and Turkey. In addition, the dynamics of bilateral relations have changed in favor of Baku, as part of Iran’s borders with Azerbaijan finally came under Baku’s control. This connected Azerbaijan with Iran's Azeri-dominated regions after decades of interruption ...


Karabakh—A Delicate Matter

... and cultural monuments—both Christian Armenian and Islamic—would be restored and preserved under Russian protection. These would include the Dadivank and Amaras monasteries. Basel Haj Jasem: Will Moscow Lead a Historic Reconciliation Between Turkey and Armenia? The road to such a peace is certainly not easy, but Moscow understands that decisive steps must be taken to ensure (1) that any peace is lasting peace, (2) that its position as a regional arbiter is preserved, and (3) that a balance of power ...


Will Moscow Lead a Historic Reconciliation Between Turkey and Armenia?

... focus on this point, because when we talk about economic stability not only in Armenia but in the entire region, we must take concrete steps." We find that Moscow is currently able to revive the diplomatic agreements which were negotiated between Turkey and Armenia in 2009. Especially the opening of the land borders between the two neighboring countries, with the implementation of many of the terms of the agreement sponsored by Russia between Baku and Yerevan, and its control of the Nakhchivan and Lachin ...


War in the Caucasus. Neo-Ottoman Empire, Eurasia, Asian NATO and Kavzak 2020

... considerable anxiety in Armenia. Meeting with the ambassadors of France and Russia as well as Iran’s newly appointed envoy to Yerevan, Armenia’s Defense Minister David Tonoyan said that his government would be monitoring the scheduled military drills by Turkey and Azerbaijan (Asbarez, July 29). While praising the military partnership between Armenia and Russia and organizing joint military exercises with the Russian army, Tonoyan described Azerbaijan’s military drills with North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member Turkey as “destabilizing”for the region In an article for Daily ...


Hidden Traces in the Armenia-Azerbaijan Сonflict

... clashes had nothing to do with the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region, as it is far from the Azerbaijani territories occupied by Armenia. The city of Tovuz is located near the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline, the Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum natural gas pipeline,... ... both of which are gates for Azerbaijan to transport its oil and natural gas, the so-called "Caspian Sea wealth," to Turkey, Europe and other global markets. A Blow to Russian Interests Christian Wollny: Nagorno-Karabakh: A Frozen Conflict Rethawed ...


Nagorno-Karabakh: A Frozen Conflict Rethawed

... fundamental part of any modern-day battle plan. However, they are liable to be just as damaging as conventional weapons. What Can EU Do For You? It is clear that a solution in the conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh is inconceivable without Russia. With Turkey deliberately instigating the Azerbaijan government, Russia sees itself as a mediator to both, Armenia and Azerbaijan. While there is a Russian military base located in Armenia, and is considered Armenia’s protector, Russian neutrality goes so far that Moscow supplies weapons to both sides of the conflict . While Russia's military strength ...


Will the Fire of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Conflict Spread to the Middle East?

... of Nakhichevan. N-K, together with the Lachin corridor connecting it with Armenia, was supposed to enter Armenia, which would not lose the border with Iran, only transferred to the north of the current one, while the part of Nakhichevan departing to Armenia would exclude the connection of Azerbaijan with Turkey, which is strategically dangerous for Yerevan. 5. Finally, I will name one more project that was developed by the Russian and American co-chairs of the Group on Regional Conflicts of the Russian-American Dartmouth Conference, where I was previously ...


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