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The European Decalogue and the Middle Eastern Duodecim

... order to prevent the movement of terrorist groups and block the financial support that they receive. They should also pledge to coordinate anti-terrorist operations, share intelligence and prevent the emergence, re-emergence and spread of international terrorism. Sceptic’s remark. This principle will inevitably run into the problem of differing definitions: those organizations perceived as terrorist groups by some are considered to be part of national liberation movements by others. This applies to many radical paramilitary Arab movements in Palestine and Lebanon,...


Unwanted Ally? Russia and the Future of the Anti-Terrorist Coalition

... motive. UN members have managed to make progress both in legal areas and in countering terrorist ideology. In 2005, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 1624 that denounced any attempts to justify terrorism. In 2006, the UN approved the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy. It was used as a guide to action from the very start. UN experts have regularly reviewed it, made reports on the level of the terrorist threat and adapted previously adopted recommendations. In general, this positive dynamic was preserved ...


SCO’s Anti-terrorism Efforts and Future Prospects

... international legal framework for countering multiple emerging challenges and threats along with the Shanghai Convention on Combating Terrorism, Separatism and Extremism, as well as core United Nations instruments, such as the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy and relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions. SCO has considerably contributed in several special initiatives launched under the auspices of the United Nations in order to enhance the international cooperation in combating ...


António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres: Make migration legal and structured

... he newcomers into the neighbor state and place it in charge. According to Mr. Guterres, the crisis has been generated by the ultimate failure of the world community in conflict prevention, while it seems only investing in development of the source countries that may alleviate the migration flows. Ms. Alekseeenkova pointed out the connection between migration and terrorism along the lines of a recent RIAC’s working paper on worldwide recruitment of combatants covering the EU, Russia and Central Asia. With about 30,000 foreign fighters operating on the ISIS side in Iraq and Syria, even a major damage to the ...


Human Tragedy Amidst Plenty – Breeding the Next Generation of “Freedom Fighter” or “Terrorist”?

... period of holidays to celebrate Christmas and New Year, how many people live in fear, sadness and hopelessness? I read about Ukraine and the human suffering caused by the coup, the incited civil war supported by “Friends” of the new regime running Ukraine. And I wondered. What all these leaders will be thinking of while they have their grandiose luncheons and dinner parties to celebrate Christmas and New Year? Will they be thinking of the plight of the thousands of refugees and homeless ...


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