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Putin is a leader made for the Russian Federation

... be hampered by the growing Syrian involvement of the United States. Unlike Moscow, Washington has no constructive agenda in Syria, which gives the Americans a greater freedom of maneuver. The growing U.S. pressure in recent years, including the constant ... ... holdings (such as Crimea and the Russian sphere of influence in the former Soviet republics). In the eyes of the Russian people, Vladimir Putin is the ideal leader to steer their country during such a period of confrontation. Source: DefenceNews


Peace in the Middle East: Russia’s Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

It is often said in the Western mainstream media that Russian President Vladimir Putin is playing a disrupting role around the world, including in the Middle East. However, such accusations remind of ... ... more so than to the US; and Turkey has improved its relations with Russia since the Turkish army shot down the Russian jet in Syria. Russia is in close contact and on good terms with all the key players and countries in the Middle East, and playing broker ...


Looking Back to Singapore on the Road to Helsinki

... at least two opportunities to achieve an impressive historically significant victory. First, he could secure a promise from Vladimir Putin that Russia will not interfere in the midterm Congressional elections later this year, set to take place just five ... ... non-interference. This is not a simple task, but it is possible. Second, the sides could draw up some kind of framework document on Syria. This is particularly relevant as Trump is not especially interested in Syria and has been threatening to wrap up the U....


These are the Benefits of a U.S.-Russia Summit

... anything but a last gasp for the half-century old nonproliferation regime, Presidents Trump and Putin will have to offer some hope that Washington and Moscow take their own responsibilities to reduce and disarm under the treaty seriously. The wars in Syria and Ukraine have cost hundreds of thousands of lives, and displaced millions of people across the Middle East, Europe and beyond. Washington and Moscow each control resources and levers of influence vital for managing and ultimately resolving these ...


The Tussle Over Syria

Putin’s Syrian intervention was limited to areas around the port of Tartus and the Latakia air base, both heavily upgraded by Russia. His aim was not a full occupation, but a gradual expansion of a strategic corridor from Damascus to Aleppo. He did not fear US ...


Washington and Moscow: Confrontation or Cooperation?

..., 2017, Trump’s Secretary of Defense, Ret. General James Mattis, declared a new strategy aimed at eliminating ISIS in both Syria and Iraq. How will the new strategy affect Washington’s relationship with Moscow in the Middle East as well as the continuous ... ... relations formed the hidden context. The Clinton and Bush years At the turn of this century, new elected Russian president Vladimir Putin genuinely sought to enlist US support for a second Chechen war. Terrorism was the hook. President Bill Clinton ...


Russia does not let its friends down

... in Moscow was whether Russia would give in. An immediate change of policy was obviously not on the cards since it is not in Putin's nature to make sudden concessions under pressure. But will he gradually and incrementally pull the rug from under the Syrian president? According to Russian experts in Moscow, there are multiple reasons why the Kremlin will not. They range from concerns about future chaos in Syria in the aftermath of regime change to the damage that would be inflicted on Russia's reputation ...


A look at international relations from a Russian viewpoint

... world faces serious problems today: terror group Daesh (the self-proclaimed Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant), the war in Syria and Iraq, the migrant crisis, slow growth. But these are issues civilised nations are capable of solving one way or another.... ... year, and what decisions will be taken by the Kremlin. From partners to rivals During his first two terms, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that his country is a European nation, characterised by European values and standards. Those statements ...


The Lost Twenty-Five Years

... surprisingly, moving along the same vector. In explaining the need for the incorporation of Crimea into today’s Russia, Vladimir Putin put forth the ‘Russian world’ concept – meaning that Russians carried a conspicuous responsibility ... ... Eurasian stage (the Ukraine conflict) would diminish over time without active participation in the major Middle Eastern arena (Syria). Bref , the main problem in today’s Russia is a crisis of ideas – that is, the absence of a vision for the ...


Putin’s Plan

... appears to reflect Russia’s overall approach to creating a new world order. It has to be said that against the backdrop of the numerous declarative, ambiguous and at times contradictory statements that our Western partners have made with regard to Syria, Vladimir Putin’s words were to-the-point, logical and consistent. There is no reticence in Russia’s position, no omissions or gaps; you can argue with it, not agree with it, add to it or even amend it. But the one thing you cannot do is ignore ...


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