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The Sino-American COVID-19 Narrative Confrontation

It’s not an ideological war, but rather a soft power battle There has been a blame game between Washington and Beijing regarding the source of the COVID-19. As stated by the Guardian and China Daily , President Donald Trump and other American officials, have labelled Covid-19 the “Chinese ...


Seven Steps Beyond the Crisis Horizon: Reflecting on Past Mistakes

... forward in July 2019 on developing contacts with foreign and international organizations and bringing in foreign citizens) clearly hinder our ability to improve work in this area, rather than help it. 6. What changes are needed in the mechanisms of using soft power? 2015 : It sometimes appears that with regard to "soft power," we are moving not forward, but back to the tried and familiar, although archaic and often openly counterproductive, patterns of Soviet times. The question arises about ...


What Russia Can Offer Africa

... monitoring equipment, including unmanned aerial vehicles and radar locators used primarily to protect borders and critical facilities. Andrey Kortunov: “Seven Capital Vices” of China in Africa: How Capital Are They Really? Russian Know-How and “Soft Power” For Africa, it is important to develop cooperation with foreign partners who are willing to share new technologies, as well as to deliver these technologies and implement them on the African continent, thus promoting industrial and human ...


Hybrid Power and the Real Russian Realists

... society, arguing that moral, intellectual, ethical and cultural hegemony—as distinct from domination—fought for and established precisely on the plane of civil society, was the only guarantee of prevailing over the enemy. Prof. Joseph Nye’s ‘soft power’ is an unacknowledged, much belated, and greatly oversimplified derivative of Gramscian ‘hegemony’. A drastic demolition of an earlier network of trenches and apparatuses of para-state nature has given rise to a deficit of “hybrid power”....


Education Alliances and Russia’s “Soft Power

... accelerate innovation processes and increase labor productivity. In the meantime, the development of human capital can enhance not only the rate of Russia’s domestic economic progress but also the efficiency of its foreign economic policy, including its “soft power” strategy. In the past few years the government has increasingly emphasized the need to develop human capital. This area of economic transformation is viewed as one of the most promising ways to accelerate innovation processes and increase ...


RIAC Takes Part in Expert Round Table at Rossotrudnichestvo

... humanitarian policy of the Russian Federation in the international arena. RIAC was represented by Timur Makhmutov, Deputy Director of Programs. The following issues were discussed in the course of discussion: major obstacles to the effective use of Russia's “soft power” tools in international affairs and proposals for the development of a regulatory framework providing for the humanitarian vector of Russian foreign policy.


RIAC Hosts a Round Table with the Turkish Minister of Culture and Tourism Numan Kurtulmuş

On March 14, 2018, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) with the support from the Embassy of Turkey to Russia held a round table discussion with Numan Kurtulmuş, Turkish Minister of Culture and Tourism, on soft and smart power in Russia-Turkey relations. On March 14, 2018, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) with the support from the Embassy of Turkey to Russia held a round table discussion with Numan Kurtulmuş, Turkish Minister of Culture and Tourism, on soft and smart power in...


Increasing Soft Power of Russia

According to the “The Soft Power 30” index published on June 14, Russia made it to the 27th place. Jonathan McClory admits that it can be quite surprising. However, he argues that Russia is a diplomatic powerhouse with unique capabilities. Seems Russian soft power has ...


Soft Power, Economic Diversification and Dilemmas Facing Russian Universities

... can also make a major contribution to improving the country’s reputation. In fact, academic institutions are a breeding ground for specialists with wide networks of business ties who know their country well. This is an indispensable element of soft power, which by the way is not the same thing as propaganda. After all, the university culture is based on the principles of rationality, which by definition implies critical thinking. A critical and at the same time unbiased perspective on Russia ...


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