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June 22

... on air. The Soviet Union collapsed long ago; this date still unites us. In 2021, June 22 will be marked in countries around Russia, even if under different names. In Belarus, this is the Day of the Nationwide Memory of the Victims of the Great Patriotic ... ... failures in 1941. They may argue about the different contributions to the common victory and the best way to celebrate the end of World War II. Those who want to split hairs will continue to remind us that World War II started in Europe nearly two years prior ...


The choice is always yours

... Nagasaki in August 1945, to carry out nuclear attacks against 17 major Soviet cities. Churchill's statement templates are still used nowadays. In his speech he named the USSR as the main source of international difficulties. Today the West applies it to Russia. Take, for instance, disinformation campaigns launched in connection with unification of Crimea with Russia or the alleged Russian interference in democratic processes in the US, or in Europe. But this bitter pill prepared for my country would ...


World War II and Change of Generations: Trauma, Myth, and Memory

... cannot replay history in a way we want today. We cannot change it that there was the Soviet Union back in time, not modern days Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, or other former USSR countries. Neither alternate the fact that the decisive contribution of the peoples ... ... the assistance from others. We should therefore respect the historic choices made back then and remember that the end of the World War II is the multinational achievement of all the countries and peoples of the coalition who each in their way contributed ...


Korea Celebrates 70th Anniversary of Liberation

... Korea celebrated the 70th anniversary of its liberation on August 15 this year. This achievement is a key part of the history of World War II. The end of 40 years of Japanese colonial rule in Korea resulted from several factors, including the Korean people’s ... ... Il-Sung in December 1945 [2] . 1 . History of Korea (from ancient times to the present day). Volume 2, Moscow, 1974, p. 162. [in Russian] Secrecy lifted. The losses of the Armed Forces of the USSR in wars, combat operations and military conflicts. Statistical ...


Can Historical Memory Bring Us Peace and Quiet?

... III from breaking out . This psychological frame of mind, dictated by historical memory, is another factor that has prevented World War III from breaking out. I think that a vital role was also played by the fact that countries such as the Soviet Union,... ... depending on the political, economic and military situation, it has never disappeared completely. The current spike in anti-Russian sentiment harms both Russia and the West. It provokes fierce resentment of the West among ordinary Russians and pushes ...


Mr. Netanyahu in Dire Straits

... relations with Russia, and over 100,000 also have Russian citizenship. Russia provides Israel with dozens of thousands of workers and about half a million of tourists annually. You can hear the Russian language here in Israel almost as often as you do in Russia. These cultural, linguistic and human bridges create a unique dimension in the relations between our countries and peoples. What is the Israeli approach to Victory Day, World War II as a whole and the wartime role of the USSR? REUTERS/Jack Guez The memory of World War II remains a key factor in the development of bilateral human and political relations. The arrival of one million Soviet citizens dramatically changed ...


Victory Day in Central and Eastern Europe – a Triumph Not Worth Celebrating?

... announcement on his official website: “In accordance with the recommendations of the European Commission, Hungary will be represented at the 9 May 2015 celebrations by the country’s Ambassador accredited in Moscow”. Larisa Smirnova: World War II and Change of Generations: Trauma, Myth, and Memory The same argument was put forward in all cases: to visit Moscow under the current conditions would mean to justify Russia’s actions in Ukraine, split the ranks of the European states and undermine the unified Brussels foreign policy. “Respect for the soldiers”, according to Slovakian President Andrej Kiska , “should be expressed on the territory ...


9 May for Turkey: Devoid of Significance

In the light of the geopolitical situation that has developed in relation to Russia’s foreign partners’ attitude to the country, the celebration of the 70th anniversary of victory in the Second World War will be a kind of litmus test both for Russia’s political elite and for the majority of the country’s ...


May 8 in France: Day of Freedom and Peace

... and allowed the country to greet May 1945 as a victorious power. It is not surprising that the military glory of the French in World War II is associated primarily with the name of Charles de Gaulle and the memorable events that have marked his military,... ..., 1995. Invited by Boris Yeltsin, Jacques Chirac arrived in Moscow with some delay in order to avoid the military parade, as Russian troops involved in the conflict in Chechnya would take part in it. The memorable and glorious dates of the Second World ...


Russia and China for the First Time Celebrate the Victory Day Together

This year, Russia and China will for the first time jointly commemorate their victory against fascism, both countries regarding this day primarily as a tribute to the heroic generations of the Russians and the Chinese who shouldered the burdens of World War II and suffered the greatest losses. Joint events in Moscow and Beijing also testify to the cooperative endeavor made to defend the achievements of the Great Victory and oppose any attempts to distort the history of the war. The shared celebration ...


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